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Arcade games

Discussion in 'Zoo Cafe' started by SealPup, 18 Aug 2017.

  1. SealPup

    SealPup Well-Known Member

    11 Jan 2017
    Thinking of buying a Super Gun so I can play the Pandoras Box compilation at home. I don't own a television so this will be added cost, but its cheap enough to buy the Super Gun board with a scanline generator and the two gamepads.

    Honestly I hate modern consoles and PC gaming, especially online. I wouldnt want my kids exposed to that. Anything to do with emulation is a drag and too often complicated, and I can't be bothered tracing down 250 pound second hand copies of old Japan-only classics. Only then to have to buy a complicated upscaler so I can get the intented picture quality on a modern television.

    The Pandora Box has hundreds of games including classics like Dodonpachi, Metal Slug, Strider, Hellfire, and Airbuster. The board can also be bought consolised into a Super Gun with built in arcade quality sticks to play straight on the television, but I don't want all that weight on my knees.