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Are there any private US herptile breeders/conservationists that send animals to and from zoos?

Discussion in 'Private Collections & Pets' started by Iguana_Cabana, 17 Nov 2023.

  1. Iguana_Cabana

    Iguana_Cabana Member

    2 Dec 2022
    United States
    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me make a directory of private breeders, conservationists, and/or suppliers that give to and/or receive herptiles from AZA zoos in the USA. The reason why I made this list was because I have not seen too many high-profile private herptile conversation breeders in the industry actually post their potential ties to the zoo industry, whilst also being a depressingly small minority in a hobby far too focused on the next leopard gecko morph or posting how many times their western hognoses yawn, rather than core issues such as captive breeding of endangered species in cooperation with zoos. Please feel free to add on to the list!

    I’ll start:

    - Ty Park’s Iguanaland (Punta Gorda, FL) Visit IGUANALAND
    AFAIK they have received one perentie from Dallas and all of the Anegada Island rock iguanas from Fort Worth (both species are allegedly on loans only). I don’t know if Ty has sent any animals to zoos personally.
    - Kamp Kenan’s yard (Somewhere in Florida)
    Kenan has received Fly River turtles from various zoos (with SDZ presumably being one of them) due to aggression with their enclosure mates.

    Feel free to add more! :cool:
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