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Ark, Boston Wildlife Park

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Nisha, 6 Oct 2016.

  1. Nisha

    Nisha Well-Known Member

    24 Jun 2009
    Chester - UK
    A new collection is due to open in Stickney, Lincolnshire this weekend. Ark, Boston Wildlife Park is set on a former farm and currently houses 80 species including various reptiles, a (currently small) crocodile, Meerkats, a Lynx and some domestic farm species. Longer term plans include a Cheetah exhibit

    Sneak peek inside Lincolnshire's newest wildlife park | Lincolnshire Echo
  2. Michelle Mintram

    Michelle Mintram New Member

    9 Dec 2016
    Boston, Lincs
    We are now open guys and would love to have you along. We are home to over 180 animals many of whom are rescues. Please see our website for more info. If you have any feedback do let us know. Ark Wildlife Park, West Fen Lane, Stickney, PE22 8BD
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  3. migdog

    migdog Well-Known Member

    3 May 2015
    We visited yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed our visit. It's good to see places like giving rescued animals a better life. They have various reptiles and mammals such as lynx, fox, raccoons, gargoyle geckos, caiman and various others.

    The reptile talk was good fun, the owner is a real character and is great with the public.

    Our highlights were the long eared hedgehog that made an appearance after everyone else had left the park (persistence really is key) and meeting Yoda the Kinkajou.

    We'll definitely go back in the future, especially when they receive the corsac foxes :)