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Around the World Zoo Trip

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Anastazina, 25 Jul 2014.

  1. Anastazina

    Anastazina New Member

    25 Jul 2014
    Prague, Czechia

    I would love to travel around a world (if I am able to save some money) and visit at least two or three zoos or aquariums on each continent. I would like to visit unique zoos worth all the hassle, with rare animals (possibly local species not available elsewhere) and so on...

    I would also like to see wildlife in natural reserves and so on, but I have no experience with that (and I am afraid it would be too expensive/dangerous/difficult).

    Can you share some tips where to go?

    Europe: I live in the Central Europe, so I already know well local gems like Prague, Vienna, Basel or Berlin. So I would love to include instead zoos more to the west, possibly Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, Arnhem and London.

    Asia: Singapore for sure, but what next? Something in Japan? Or China?

    Oceania: Taronga in Sydney, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, ...?

    Africa: Pretoria.. ?

    North America: San Diego, Bronx, Washington, Toronto?

    South America: ?
  2. Mikezoo12

    Mikezoo12 Well-Known Member

    14 Feb 2014
    Staten Island
    Hope you do this one day.:)