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Auckland Zoo Asian Elephant AI at Auckland Zoo

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Zoofan15, 29 Oct 2019.

  1. Zoofan15

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    7 Mar 2015
    New Zealand
    I've found these documents which offer limited information on Auckland Zoo's plans to implement AI on Asian elephant, Anjalee:

    According to the first link (dated February 2018), two imports of Asian elephant semen had been made (both likely in 2017). This was obviously unsuccessful. Unfortunately it doesn't mention which bull (or even which zoo) the import came from.

    The second link (dated April 2018) makes reference to unsuccessful attempts to import Asian elephants from Sri Lanka and Australia. It discusses the possibility of importing Asian elephant semen from zoos in Europe.

    I don't know what progress has been made (if any) on this situation but clearly there has been an effort to breed with Anjalee; as importing Nandi is no longer an option (and hasn't been for some time).
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