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Asian Elephants in Europe

Discussion in 'Europe - General' started by Hyak_II, 11 Apr 2018.

  1. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Well there are a number of topics dedicated to other species, so why not make one for one of Europe's largest animals?

    I'll start off the topic with some of the current items of interest.

    Currently there are ten confirmed pregnant cows:

    Aye Chan May at Pairi Daiza due end 2018 (sire Po Chin)
    Donna at Whipsnade due? (sire Rajah)
    Farina at Pairi Daiza due 2019 (sire most likely Po Chin, small possibility Chamundi)
    Hoa at Leipzig due early 2019 (sire most likely Naing Thein, small possibility Voi Nam)
    Lai Sinh at Hagenbecks due end 2018 (sire Gajendra)
    Ma Ya Yee at Emmen due mid 2018 (sire Mekong)
    Shila at Hagenbecks due mid 2018 (sire Gajendra)
    Thia Hi Way at Chester due 2019 (sire Aung Bo)

    There have been a number of successful births in the past year, the population is growing at a tremendous rate, with many second and third generation births, and even a smattering of fourth generation animals!

    (in order from end of March 2017 to April of 2018)

    bull born to Sang Raja and Malar at Colonge(second gen)
    cow to Upali and Berhnadine at Dublin (third gen)
    cow to Valentino and Cynthia at Madrid (second gen)
    cow to Maurice and Indra at Amersfoort (third gen)
    cow to Nikolai and Sayang at Hannover (second gen)
    bull to Chieng Mai and Kungrao at Copenhagen (first gen)
    bull to Upali and Yasmin at Dublin (third gen)
    bull to Sang Raja and Tong Koon at Colonge (second gen)
    bull to Pamir and Pepita at Moscow (first gen)
    bull to Ankhor and Douanita at Osnabrck (first gen)
    bull to Calvin and Vishesh at Ostrava (third gen)
    bull to Po Chin and Hhaing Hnin Hnin at Pairi Daiza (third gen)
    bull to Maurice and Kina at Amersfoort (fourth gen)
    bull to Assam and Angele at Budapest (third gen)
    cow to Chang and May Tagu at Plankendael (third gen)
    cow to Chang and Kai Mook at Plankendael (third gen)
    bull to Upali and Anak at Dublin (fourth gen)
    cow to Sibu and Htoo Yin Aye at Dierenrijkt (third gen)
    bull to Mekong and Mingalar Oo at Emmen (second gen)
    bull to Chang and Khaing Phyo Phyo at Plankendael (second gen)

    That is a whopping 20 living calves born in a years time! Sadly, it is decidedly more bull shifted.

    There were also three calves that died shortly after birth, these were:

    bull to Sang Raja and Kreeblamduan (second gen)
    cow to Gajendra and Salvana (second gen)
    unknown to Tonsak and Bua (first gen) (I believe this one was stillborn)

    There are a number of facilities that have had bulls transferred within the past 1-3 years, and some facilities due for a new breeding bull, and yet more with females that, while not confirmed, are more than likely due to calf this year following past history, and these combined are sure to make sure for a very interesting 2018 season for asian elephants in Europe!
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  2. vogelcommando

    vogelcommando Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
    fijnaart, the netherlands
    You've forgot the female-calf born at Dierenrijk - Nuenen - the Netherlands :).
  3. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Ah yes of course! Edited the above post to add :)
  4. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    The male calf born to Chang and Khaing Phyo Phyo on April 11th at Plankendael has been named Tarzen. This is the 10th surviving calf for father Chang and fifth surviving calf for mother Phyo Phyo, and their second (and last) calf together.
  5. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    A male calf has been born to mother Shila and father Gajendra at Hagenbecks Tierpark on May 5th. This is the fourth living calf for Gajendra and the first for Shila. It is also the second, second generation birth at the zoo, as Shila was also born at the zoo in 2007.

    This is also the fifth European asian elephant birth for 2018, and its only just now May!
  6. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    In Europe, there are currently 234 (102.132) Asian elephants that would be considered potential breeding candidates. The 234 (102.132) Asian elephants were chosen based on age, fertility, and breeding experience.

    The 102 male and 132 female Asian elephants are:

    0.0 Name (Father x Mother) Date of Birth (Location)

    1.0 Bindu 1969-00-00 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Maxi 1969-00-00 (Zürich Zoo) ~
    1.0 Luka (Mita x Tisa) 1973-04-13 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    1.0 Kim (Siam x Billy) 1978-06-21 (Fréjus Zoo)
    1.0 Alexander (Motek x Warda) 1978-00-00 (Münster Zoo) ~
    1.0 Naing Thein 1980-00-00 (Leipzig Zoo) ~
    1.0 Pamir 1980-00-00 (Moscow Zoo)
    1.0 Chang (Chieng Mai x Ida) 1981-11-10 (Copenhagen Zoo) ~
    1.0 Mekong 1982-00-00 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Ankhor 1983-00-00 (Prague Zoo) ~
    1.0 Emmett (Indy x Romani) 1991-07-10 (Whipsnade Zoo) ~
    1.0 Chamundi (Ganesha x Yashoda) 1992-05-25 (Pairi Daiza)
    1.0 Nikolai (Tusko x Kitty) 1993-05-02 (Hannover Zoo) ~
    1.0 Victor (Motek x Warda) 1993-10-23 (Berlin Zoo)
    1.0 Gajendra 1993-00-00 (Tierpark Hellabrunn)
    1.0 Ant Bwe Lay (Naing Thein x Htoo Kin Aye) 1994-08-23 (Pont Scorff Zoo)
    1.0 Upali (Maxi x Ceyla Himali) 1994-11-14 (Dublin Zoo) ~
    1.0 Raja 1994-01-19 (Woburn Safari Park)
    1.0 Grand (Pamir x Pepita) 1995-07-08 (Tbilisi Zoo)
    1.0 Teddy (Motek x Warda) 1996-05-24 (Jerusalem Zoo)
    1.0 Aung Naing Lay (Naing Thein x Yu Zin) 1997-11-09 (Kharkiv Zoo)
    1.0 Maung Htoo (Naing Thein x Swe San Htay) 1998-02-08 (Touroparc Zoo)
    1.0 Timber (Ramon x Khaing Phyo Phyo) 1998-02-13 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    1.0 Maxim (Ramon x Yu Yu Yin) 1998-03-01 (Le Pal Park)
    1.0 Thisiam (Siam x Kaveri) 1998-05-04 (Knie Kinderzoo)
    1.0 Laokompomay 1998-00-00 (Almaty Zoo)
    1.0 Tonsak 1998-00-00 (Kolmården Zoo)
    1.0 Sang Raja (Chawang x Sri Nandong) 1999-03-24 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Po Chin (Chang x Jangolie) 2000-07-18 (Pairi Daiza)
    1.0 Assam (Chang x Thi Hi Way) 2000-10-07 (Budapest Zoo)
    1.0 Maurice (Chinto x Alix) 2001-06-16 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    1.0 Aung Bo (Naing Thein x Khaing Lwin Htoo) 2001-07-16 (Chester Zoo)
    1.0 Voi Nam (Mekong x Trinh) 2002-04-05 (Leipzig Zoo)
    1.0 Winner (Motek x Warda) 2002-08-18 (Izmir Wildlife Park)
    1.0 Sibu (Alexander x Irma) 2004-02-21 (Dierenrijk)
    1.0 Thai (Hussein x Thura) 2004-11-26 (Zürich Zoo)
    1.0 Valentino 2004-02-09 (Madrid Zoo)
    1.0 Horas (Ankhor x Nova) 2005-02-14 (Kyiv Zoo)
    1.0 Yoma (Ankhor x Kewa) 2005-05-08 (Rostov Zoo)
    1.0 Letsongmon (Naing Thein x Htoo Kin Aye) 2005-06-06 (Attica Zoo)
    1.0 Fahim (Maxi x Indi) 2005-07-24 (Bellewaerde Park)
    1.0 Myo Set Kaung (Radza x Mingalar Oo) 2005-08-07 (Attica Zoo)
    1.0 Tarak (Calvin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2005-10-28 (Heidelberg Zoo)
    1.0 Gabi (Emmett x Kwunjai) 2005-12-10 (Gaziantep Zoo)
    1.0 Gandhi (Chieng Mai x Ida) 2006-03-20 (Heidelberg Zoo)
    1.0 Pili (Motek x Warda) 2006-07-22 (Gaziantep Zoo)
    1.0 Ming Jung (Plai Kongka x Tong Koon) 2007-04-16 (Antwerp Zoo)
    1.0 Bunka (Bacho x Malka) 2007-12-30 (Yerevan Zoo)
    1.0 Ananda Yingthway (Radza x Htoo Yin Aye) 2008-02-25 (Maubeuge Zoo)
    1.0 Shanti (Calvin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2008-05-06 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    1.0 Kanvar (Ganapati x Samicuta) 2008-07-19 (Planckendael Zoo)
    1.0 Yoe Ma (Radza x Mingalar Oo) 2008-09-04 (Maubeuge Zoo)
    1.0 Shahrukh (Hussein x Yashoda) 2008-11-21 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    1.0 Ein She Min (Radza x Ma Ya Yee) 2009-05-23 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Khin Yadanar Min (Bindu x Aye Chan May) 2009-07-27 (Heidelberg Zoo)
    1.0 Einga Tha (Radza x Htoo Kin Aye) 2010-03-09 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Dimas (Ankhor x Cynthia) 2010-03-15 (Sevilla Nature Reserve)
    1.0 George (Emmett x Karishma) 2010-04-12 (Silesian Zoo)
    1.0 Nuka (Nikolai x Farina) 2010-05-11 (Kittenberger Zoo)
    1.0 Felix (Nikolai x Califa) 2010-07-25 (Kittenberger Zoo)
    1.0 Dinkar (Nikolai x Manari) 2010-08-06 (Kittenberger Zoo)
    1.0 Mong Tine (Radza x Htoo Yin Aye) 2011-02-06 (Płock Zoo)
    1.0 Rajendra (Sang Raja x Tong Koon) 2011-04-08 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Ludwig (Gajendra x Temi) 2011-05-06 (Heidelberg Zoo)
    1.0 Shwe Myarr (Radza x Mingalar Oo) 2011-08-08 (Płock Zoo)
    1.0 Scott (Emmett x Azizah) 2011-10-18 (Silesian Zoo)
    1.0 Assam (Hussein x Lai Sinh) 2012-04-03 (Antwerp Zoo)
    1.0 Bogor (Ankhor x Nova) 2012-05-08 (Madrid Zoo)
    1.0 Kyan (Alexander x Indra) 2012-11-01 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    1.0 Thuya (Radza x Htoo Yin Aye) 2013-07-15 (Dierenrijk)
    1.0 Namsai (Raja x Bua) 2013-07-27 (Kolmården Zoo)
    1.0 Taru (Nikolai x Manari) 2013-12-31 (Hannover Zoo)
    1.0 Tom (Chang x Nina) 2014-03-19 (Le Pal Park)
    1.0 Radza Jr (Radza x Mingalar Oo) 2014-05-16 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Kavi (Upali x Yasmin) 2014-07-17 (Dublin Zoo)
    1.0 Ravi (Radza x Ma Ya Yee) 2014-07-20 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Ashoka (Upali x Anak) 2014-08-19 (Dublin Zoo)
    1.0 Sam (Emmett x Azizah) 2014-09-16 (Whipsnade Zoo)
    1.0 Sunay (Timber x Bangka) 2015-08-20 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    1.0 Edgar (Ankhor x Kewa) 2016-01-01 (Tierpark Berlin)
    1.0 Kanja (Gajendra x Kandy) 2016-01-11 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    1.0 La Min Kyaw (Bindu x Shu Thu Zar) 2016-03-16 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Maxmilian (Mekong x Janita) 2016-04-05 (Prague Zoo)
    1.0 Rudolf (Ankhor x Tamara) 2016-10-07 (Prague Zoo)
    1.0 Thambi (Nikolai x Saphira) 2016-12-22 (Hannover Zoo)
    1.0 Aayu (Aung Bo x Sithami) 2017-01-18 (Chester Zoo)
    1.0 Jung Bul Kne (Sang Raja x Maha Kumari) 2017-01-26 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Moma (Sang Raja x Marlar) 2017-03-20 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Ravi (Nikolai x Sayang) 2017-05-05 (Hannover Zoo)
    1.0 Kabir (Upali x Yasmin) 2017-05-15 (Dublin Zoo)
    1.0 Plaisak (Chieng Mai x Kungrao) 2017-05-17 (Copenhagen Zoo)
    1.0 Filimon (Pamir x Pepita) 2017-05-25 (Moscow Zoo)
    1.0 Kitai (Sang Raja x Tong Koon) 2017-06-08 (Cologne Zoo)
    1.0 Minh Tan (Ankhor x Douanita) 2017-07-04 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    1.0 Chandru (Calvin x Vishesh) 2017-07-08 (Ostrava Zoo)
    1.0 Ta Wan (Po Chin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2017-09-19 (Pairi Daiza)
    1.0 Thabo (Maurice x Kina) 2017-09-25 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    1.0 Arun (Assam x Angele) 2017-11-08 (Budapest Zoo)
    1.0 Unnamed (Upali x Anak) 2018-02-10 (Dublin Zoo)
    1.0 Mauk (Mekong x Mingalar Oo) 2018-04-02 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    1.0 Tarzen (Chang x Khaing Phyo Phyo) 2018-04-11 (Planckendael Zoo)
    1.0 Unnamed (Gajendra x Shila) 2018-05-05 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)

    ~ Males who have 6 or more viable offspring but could still contribute to the population.

    0.1 Thura 1974-00-00 (Leipzig Zoo)
    0.1 Yashoda 1979-00-00 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Khaing Phyo Phyo 1981-00-00 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Thi Hi Way 1981-00-00 (Chester Zoo)
    0.1 Htoo Yin Aye 1981-00-00 (Dierenrijk)
    0.1 Pepita 1981-00-00 (Moscow Zoo)
    0.1 Khaing Hnin Hnin 1982-00-00 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Kaylee 1982-00-00 (Whipsnade Zoo) ^
    0.1 Alix 1983-00-00 (La Palmyre Zoo) ^
    0.1 Kewa 1983-00-00 (Tierpark Berlin)
    0.1 Bernhardine (Ramon x Irma) 1984-06-16 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Malicia 1984-00-00 (La Palmyre Zoo) ^
    0.1 Kreeblamduan 1984-00-00 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Tong Koon 1984-00-00 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Kwunjai 1984-00-00 (Jerusalem Zoo) ^
    0.1 Hoa 1985-00-00 (Leipzig Zoo)
    0.1 La Petite 1985-00-00 (Ramat Gan Safari)
    0.1 Indi 1986-02-28 (Zürich Zoo)
    0.1 Pang Pha 1987-00-00 (Berlin Zoo) ^
    0.1 Douanita 1987-00-00 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    0.1 Panang (Maxi x Ceyla Himali) 1989-02-13 (Tierpark Hellabrunn) ^
    0.1 Thong Tai 1989-04-14 (Artis Zoo)
    0.1 Yasmin (Ramon x Irma) 1990-11-25 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Lai Sinh 1990-04-24 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Manari 1990-00-00 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Wered (Motek x Warda) 1991-01-06 (Kiryat Motzkin Zoo) ^
    0.1 Mingalar Oo (Naing Thein x Htoo Kin Aye) 1992-03-01 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    0.1 Ratna (Hussein x Thura) 1992-03-23 (Münster Zoo)
    0.1 Chandrika 1992-01-17 (Woburn Safari Park) *
    0.1 Nina (Siam x Kaveri) 1993-10-01 (Le Pal Park)
    0.1 Nova 1993-11-26 (Madrid Zoo)
    0.1 Mangala 1993-00-00 (Tierpark Hellabrunn) *
    0.1 Damini 1994-03-15 (Woburn Safari Park)
    0.1 Shu Thu Zar 1994-06-03 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Homaline (Chinto x Alix) 1995-10-26 (Pont Scorff Zoo)
    0.1 Cynthia 1995-01-12 (Madrid Zoo)
    0.1 Aye Chan May 1995-08-13 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Noorjahan 1995-11-24 (Blackpool Zoo)
    0.1 Sayang 1995-00-00 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Corny (Hussein x Yashoda) 1996-06-04 (Münster Zoo)
    0.1 Salvana (Hussein x Saida) 1996-07-01 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Saonoi 1996-00-00 (Kolmården Zoo)
    0.1 Begümcan 1996-00-00 (Izmir Wildlife Park)
    0.1 Vishesh (Luka x Johti) 1997-05-06 (Ostrava Zoo)
    0.1 Sithami (Chang x Thi Hi Way) 1997-12-31 (Chester Zoo)
    0.1 Bua 1997-00-00 (Kolmården Zoo)
    0.1 Malka 1997-00-00 (Tbilisi Zoo) ^
    0.1 Ma Palai (Naing Thein x Htoo Yin Aye) 1998-03-08 (Dierenrijk)
    0.1 Tendi (Tarun x Vendi) 1998-07-19 (Kharkiv Zoo)
    0.1 Tara (Chang x Tonzi) 1998-08-06 (Blackpool Zoo) ^
    0.1 Karishma (Chang x Minbu) 1998-08-27 (Whipsnade Zoo)
    0.1 Kungrao 1998-00-00 (Copenhagen Zoo)
    0.1 Surin 1998-00-00 (Copenhagen Zoo)
    0.1 Aru 1998-00-00 (Almaty Zoo)
    0.1 Indra (Ramon x Khine War War) 1999-04-05 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    0.1 Ma Ya Yee (Naing Thein x Htoo Kin Aye) 1999-05-02 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    0.1 Sandry (Hussein x Claudy) 1999-11-27 (Knie Kinderzoo)
    0.1 Putri 1999-00-00 (Tashkent Zoo)
    0.1 Vivi (Motek x Warda) 2000-05-01 (Kiryat Motzkin Zoo)
    0.1 Bangka (Alexander x Irma) 2000-11-28 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    0.1 Temi (Ankhor x Kewa) 2001-11-02 (Tierpark Hellabrunn) ^
    0.1 Angele (Chinto x Malicia) 2001-11-05 (Budapest Zoo)
    0.1 Chandra (Maxi x Indi) 2002-05-13 (Zürich Zoo)
    0.1 Califa (Calvin x Manari) 2003-02-02 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Farina (Calvin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2003-03-20 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Trong Nhi (Alexander x Douanita) 2003-05-13 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    0.1 Kandy (Hussein x Yashoda) 2003-05-14 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Anak (Alexander x Yasmin) 2003-07-26 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Sundara (Upali x Sithami) 2004-03-07 (Chester Zoo)
    0.1 Janita 2004-10-17 (Prague Zoo)
    0.1 Cinta (Ankhor x Cynthia) 2005-04-03 (Rostov Zoo)
    0.1 May Tagu (Luka x Khaing Phyo Phyo) 2005-04-11 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Farha (Maxi x Ceyla Himali) 2005-05-03 (Zürich Zoo)
    0.1 Yindee (Alexander x Thong Tai) 2005-08-02 (Artis Zoo)
    0.1 Tamara 2005-08-23 (Prague Zoo)
    0.1 Ziha (Chinto x Alix) 2006-01-27 (La Palmyre Zoo)
    0.1 La Belle (Motek x La Petite) 2006-03-11 (Ramat Gan Safari)
    0.1 Marlar (Radza x Khaing Lwin Htoo) 2006-03-30 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Shila (Hussein x Lai Sinh) 2007-04-11 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Asha (Alexander x Bernhardine) 2007-05-07 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Maha Kumari (Bindu x Thi Ha Phyu) 2007-05-09 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Swe Zin (Radza x Htoo Kin Aye) 2007-08-08 (Wildlands Adventure Zoo)
    0.1 Thuza (Ankhor x Kewa) 2008-12-13 (Tierpark Berlin)
    0.1 Pobeda (Pamir x Pepita) 2009-04-22 (Moscow Zoo)
    0.1 Kai Mook (Alexander x Khaing Phyo Phyo) 2009-05-17 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Rani (Hussein x Thura) 2009-07-03 (Leipzig Zoo)
    0.1 Donna (Emmett x Kaylee) 2009-07-23 (Whipsnade Zoo)
    0.1 Kina (Alexander x Indra) 2009-11-10 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    0.1 Saphira (Nikolai x Sayang) 2010-05-07 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Faya (Timber x Bangka) 2010-07-20 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    0.1 Soraya (Nikolai x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2010-12-09 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Sitara (Ankhor x Cinta) 2010-12-22 (Rostov Zoo)
    0.1 Izmir (Winner x Begümcan) 2011-02-05 (Izmir Wildlife Park)
    0.1 Rashmi (Calvin x Johti) 2011-04-12 (Ostrava Zoo)
    0.1 Bono Rani 2011-00-00 (Pafos Zoo)
    0.1 Pantha (Ankhor x Kewa) 2012-05-31 (Tierpark Berlin)
    0.1 Bindi (Bindu x Shu Thu Zar) 2012-07-25 (Cologne Zoo)
    0.1 Anchali (Victor x Pang Pha) 2012-08-12 (Berlin Zoo)
    0.1 Amithi (Nikolai x Farina) 2012-12-24 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Sita (Timber x Douanita) 2013-02-11 (Osnabrück Zoo)
    0.1 Asha (Assam x Angele) 2013-02-14 (Budapest Zoo)
    0.1 Malay (Nikolai x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2013-03-13 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Latangi (Motek x La Belle) 2013-08-02 (Ramat Gan Safari)
    0.1 Nhi Linh (Timber x Trong Nhi) 2013-08-10 (Rotterdam Zoo)
    0.1 Lalana (Motek x La Petite) 2013-10-02 (Ramat Gan Safari)
    0.1 Sitara (Nikolai x Sayang) 2013-10-27 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Kalaya (Po Chin x Sandry) 2013-11-01 (Knie Kinderzoo)
    0.1 Esha (Raja x Noorjahan) 2014-03-04 (Blackpool Zoo)
    0.1 Yumi (Nikolai x Califa) 2014-03-17 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Omysha (Maxi x Indi) 2014-06-17 (Zürich Zoo)
    0.1 Samiya (Upali x Bernhardine) 2014-09-17 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Tarli (Raja x Damini) 2014-09-24 (Woburn Safari Park)
    0.1 Deniz (Winner x Begümcan) 2014-10-13 (Izmir Wildlife Park)
    0.1 Nang Faa (Nikolai x Farina) 2015-05-20 (Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Qiyo (Chang x Khaing Phyo Phyo) 2015-06-16 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Anjuli (Gajendra x Yashoda) 2015-07-13 (Tierpark Hagenbeck)
    0.1 Nandita (Aung Bo x Thi Hi Way) 2015-08-20 (Chester Zoo)
    0.1 Elizabeth (Emmett x Karishma) 2016-06-10 (Whipsnade Zoo)
    0.1 Zinda (Upali x Asha) 2016-09-19 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Pilar (Valentino x Nova) 2016-10-12 (Madrid Zoo)
    0.1 Sanuk (Mekong x Thong Tai) 2016-10-16 (Artis Zoo)
    0.1 Indali (Aung Bo x Sundara) 2016-12-17 (Chester Zoo)
    0.1 Jenny (Nikolai x Califa) 2016-12-23 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Ekol (Yoma x Cinta) 2017-01-18 (Rostov Zoo)
    0.1 Meena (Nikolai x Manari) 2017-01-19 (Hannover Zoo)
    0.1 Ruwani (Thai x Farha) 2017-02-25 (Zürich Zoo)
    0.1 Avani (Upali x Bernhardine) 2017-03-13 (Dublin Zoo)
    0.1 Vera (Valentino x Cynthia) 2017-03-21 (Madrid Zoo)
    0.1 Yunha (Maurice x Indra) 2017-03-25 (Amersfoort Zoo)
    0.1 Suki (Chang x May Tagu) 2017-12-25 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Tun Kai (Chang x Kai Mook) 2018-01-13 (Planckendael Zoo)
    0.1 Jing (Sibu x Htoo Yin Aye) 2018-03-27 (Dierenrijk)

    * Females older than 25 that have not reproduced but possibly could depending on fertility.
    ^ Females who have reproduced but have not become pregnant in 6 or more years.

    With 234 (102.132) Asian elephants considered potential breeding candidates, Europe has succeeded in developing a sustainable population of Asian elephants. However, many elephants in Europe can trace their lineage back to either Chieng Mai, Motek, Radza, Maxi, Ramon, Hussein, Naing Thein, Ankhor, Calvin, or Nikolai so breeding must be well coordinated to prevent inbreeding.
  7. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    0.1 Thi Hi Way gave birth to a male calf on May 17, 2018 at the Chester Zoo.
    It’s a boy! Chester Zoo celebrates ‘astonishing’ birth of rare elephant calf | Chester Zoo

    This is Thi Hi Way’s fourth viable calf as well as Aung Bo’s fourth viable calf but only their second together.

    Even though I wish the calf was female rather than male, I’m elated that Thi Hi Way was able to have a successful outcome, after initially believing that the pregnancy had failed, and produce another calf.

    The male calf born to 1.0 Upali and 0.1 Anak on February 10, 2018 at the Dublin Zoo has been named Sanjay.
    Animal lovers go wild for Dublin Zoo’s new addition as 10-month-old red panda arrives from Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park

    This is Anak’s second viable calf and Upali’s eighth viable calf but only their second together.

    1.0 Shanti and 1.0 Shahrukh were transferred from the Osnabrück Zoo while 1.0 Taru was transferred from the Hannover Zoo to the Szeged Zoo on May 16, 2018.
    Petra Prager – Elefanten Fotolexikon
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  8. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Three year old female Qiyo has unfortunetly passed away suddenly at Plankendael Zoo. While the cause of death is currently unknown, it is strongly suspected to be the herpes virus.

    Qiyo was out of Chang and Khaing Phyo Phyo, and while she was not a particularly genetically valuable animal, the loss of a young cow is a sad occurance for the European population.
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  9. Jaxton

    Jaxton Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2017
    Thi Hi Way's calf has since been named Anjan Hi Way.
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  10. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    Thirty six year old 0.1 Khaing Phyo Phyo passed away on June 4, 2018 at the Planckendael Zoo due to renal failure and weight loss.
    Planckendael Zoo Facebook - Passing of Khaing Phyo Phyo

    With the passing of Qiyo and Khaing Phyo Phyo, this has been a very sad and unfortunate time for the Planckendael Zoo elephant herd.
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  11. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    And in even more worse news, young elephant bull Kanja has passed away at Hagenbecks Tierpark on June 6th 2018.

    Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg trauert um Elefantenjungen - WELT

    While the loss of a bull is not as bad as the loss of cows Phyo Phyo and Qiyo, Kanja was relatively genetically valuable bull, being out of wild caught bull Gajendra who has few offspring and captive bred female Kandy. This is also the second calf lost for Hagenbeck's in a rather short period of time, leaving them with only two of four surviving calves from their most recent string of births.
  12. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Lots of news both good and bad in the population lately.

    Another tragic loss for Hamburg, three year old female Anjuli (Gajendra x Yashoda) has passed away from EEHV on June 13th. She was a hard hit for the European population, being both a young female and genetically valuable, to boot! This leaves them at a mere one for four for recent births.

    In a more positive development, 20 year old bull Maxim (Ramon x Yu Yu Yin) has been transferred from Parc le Pal in France to the Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic. Here hopefully he will breed with cows Vishesh (Luka x Jothi) and Rashmi (Calvin x Jothi).

    A new holder has recently taken on animals, Szeged Zoo in Hungary. They have received 10 year old bulls Sharhukh (Hussein x Yashoda) and Shanti (Calvin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) from Osnabrück, and 4.5 year old Taru (Nikolai x Manari) from Hannover.

    Tying into the above news, Nikolai (Tusko x Kitty), Hannover's prolific breeding bull, will soon be transferred to the Artis Royal Zoo for breeding with cows Thong Tai and Yindee (Alexander x Thong Tai). This will be his third trip to the zoo, and hopefully his stay will be for a longer period of time than his past two visits as Artis works towards to completion of a bull setup for their elephant exhibit.
  13. Hyak_II

    Hyak_II Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Nikolai has moved to Amsterdam.
  14. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    0.1 Ma Yay Yee gave birth to male calf named Manoa on June 26, 2018 at Wildlands Adventure Zoo.
    Olifantenjong | WILDLANDS

    This is the third calf for Ma Yay Yee and the fifth calf for Mekong but only their first calf together.

    I can't believe Emmen produced yet another male calf. It makes me wonder if Emmen will ever produce another female calf or if the breeding females are some how only able to produce male calves?

    Regardless, congratulations to Wildlands Adventure Zoo for another successful birth of an elephant calf.
  15. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
  16. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
  17. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    0.1 Noorjahan and 0.1 Esha were transferred from the Twycross Zoo to the Blackpool Zoo on August 30, 2018.
    Elephants reunited at Blackpool Zoo | Blackpool Zoo News

    With the transfer of Noorjahan and Esha, the Twycross Zoo herd has been successfully reunited at the Blackpool Zoo. In addition, the breeding females, Tara and Noorjahan, are now together which will enable the Blackpool Zoo to acquire a breeding bull for them. Eventually, Esha will also participate in the Blackpool Zoo's Asian elephant breeding program once she's reached sexual maturity.
  18. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    A LOT has happened in the past two weeks so here's the overview:

    Forty six year old 0.1 Lina passed away on September 3, 2018 at the Karlsruhe Zoo (Karlsruhe, Germany). The cause of death is unknown.
    Zoo Karlsruhe: Elefant "Lina" mit 46 Jahren gestorben |

    Forty nine year old 0.1 Birma passed away on September 5, 2018 at the Magdeburg Zoo (Magdeburg, Germany) after collapsing. The cause of death is unknown.
    Große Trauer im Zoo: Elefantenkuh Birma verstorben | Magdeburg Zoo

    Twenty year old 0.1 Sithami passed away on September 7, 2018 at the Chester Zoo (Chester, England) after collapsing. The cause of death is unknown. This is a significant loss to the European Asian elephant population as Sithami was reproductively viable and a significant member of Thi Hi Way's matriarchal herd.
    Death of Sithami | Chester Zoo


    0.1 Maia 1974-00-00, 0.1 Deli 1974-00-00, and 0.1 Laika 1976-00-00 were transferred from Pairi Daiza (Brugelette, Belgium) to Safari Ravenna (Ravenna, Italy) on September 9, 2018.
    Bon voyage Maia, Laika, et Deli | Facebook

    Future Transfers:
    0.1 Dunja 1968-00-00 and 0.1 Daela 1987-00-00 (African Elephant) are being transferred from Pairi Daiza (Brugelette, Belgium) to Skopje Zoo (Skopje, Macedonia) on September 29, 2018.
    Dunja and Daela being transferred to Skopje Zoo | Facebook

    0.1 Sayang 1995-00-00, 0.1 Saphira 2010-05-07, 0.1 Sitara 2013-10-27, 1.0 Thambi 2016-12-22, and 1.0 Ravi 2017-05-05 are being transferred from the Hannover Zoo (Hannover, Germany) to Pairi Daiza (Brugelette, Belgium) in the coming week.
    Au revoir! Elefantenfamilie zieht nach Belgien | Hannover Zoo

    Updated Pregnancies:

    0.0 Name (Father x Mother) Date of Birth (Location) Expecting Date (0.0 Sire | Location)

    0.1 Aye Chan May 1995-08-13 (Pairi Daiza) 2019-01-00 (1.0 Po Chin | Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Donna (Emmett x Kaylee) 2009-07-23 (Whipsnade Zoo) 2019-00-00 (1.0 Raja | Woburn Safari Park)
    0.1 Farina (Calvin x Khaing Hnin Hnin) 2003-03-20 (Pairi Daiza) 2019-00-00 (1.0 Po Chin | Pairi Daiza) or potentially (1.0 Chamundi | Pairi Daiza)
    0.1 Hoa 1985-00-00 (Leipzig Zoo) 2019-04-00 (1.0 Naing Thein | Leipzig Zoo) or potentially (1.0 Voi Nam | Leipzig Zoo)
    0.1 Lai Sinh 1990-04-24 (Tierpark Hagenbeck) 2018-10-00 - 2018-12-00 (1.0 Gajendra | Hellabrunn Zoo)
  19. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada
    0.1 Dunja and 0.1 Daela (African Elephant) were transferred from Pairi Daiza to the Skopje Zoo on September 28, 2018.
    Closure of Skopje Zoo in Preparation for the Arrival of Dunja & Daela | Facebook
    Wecome Dunja & Daela | Facebook

    * Because the Skopje Zoo was closed September 28 in preparation for the arrival celebration of Dunja and Daela on September 29, Dunja and Daela must have arrived on September 28. *

    0.1 Sayang, 0.1 Saphira, 0.1 Sitara, 1.0 Thambi, and 1.0 Ravi were transferred from the Hannover Zoo to Pairi Daiza on September 24, 2018.
    Family of 5 Asian Elephants Arrive at Pairi Daiza | Facebook
  20. Elephant Enthusiast

    Elephant Enthusiast Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2017
    British Columbia, Canada