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Australian (and NZ) Great Ape News and Discussion

Discussion in 'Australia' started by marmolady, 29 Apr 2016.

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    20 Feb 2011
    Recent ape news from the region

    Taronga Zoo's beloved alpha male chimpanzee, Lubutu, died last week of lung failure. He was only 26 years old, so his passing is a great shock. The highest ranking chimpanzee in the community since he was only eight years old, Lubutu sired several infants (Samaki, Lani, Furahi, Shikamoo, Sembe and Sule), and was a grandfather as well. It really is the end of an era for Taronga's chimpanzees.

    At Rockhampton Zoo, chimpanzee Samantha gave birth to an infant in November, but it sadly did not survive. Holly is due her own infant in early 2020. I'll have my fingers tightly crossed for a happier outcome.

    Monarto Zoo's newest chimpanzee infant, born to third-time mum Zombi, has been named Zola.
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