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Australian Aviary

Discussion in 'Private Collections & Pets' started by The Vegan, 6 Feb 2013.

  1. The Vegan

    The Vegan Well-Known Member

    21 Nov 2012
    Sorry if that was a bit defensive. Yes, I would agree with you that it's on the small side. Minimum, I would say. I may extend it to be 15 by 15 feet. The aviary your parents had must have been incredible! Especially for a privite collection! I might be able to build such an aviary with the funds I've set aside, but it would not be feasible, since I would only be able to keep tropical birds outside for around six months a year here, without heating. Unfortunately, I don't have extensive indoor holding! So I'm opting for a smaller, but usable-year-round aviary.

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