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Bad elephant census news from Africa

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by DavidBrown, 31 Aug 2016.

  1. DavidBrown

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    12 Aug 2008
    California, USA
    The Great Elephant Census just released their findings from a multi-country survey of savanna elephants and determined that approximately 144,000 elephants have been killed since 2007 when the ivory trade started up again. There are now only about 350,000 savanna elephants in Africa.

    In forest elephant news, a new demographic study shows that it would take 90 years for forest elephants to recover from their pre-ivory poaching numbers.

    It seems that only a total global ban of the ivory trade is a long-term solution to stopping elephant poaching. After that is the perpetual challenge of preserving space for elephants in a world of growing human populations.

    Savanna elephant survey news:

    Forest elephant demography news: