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Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary species list

Discussion in 'United States' started by birdsandbats, 26 Nov 2018.

  1. birdsandbats

    birdsandbats Well-Known Member

    17 Sep 2017
    Since joining ZooChat, I have come to realize how many animals native to North America are surprisingly lacking in North American zoos! Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a facility very close to my location that specializes in rescue animals, many of which I now realize are very rare in captivity. This list will mainly be based on my November 24 2018 visit, but I will include seasonal species that were not out on that visit.

    This list will be different from the others I have posted; it will be posted by enclosure.

    Observation Building
    Tundra Swan (free-roaming)
    1. Common Boa
    2. Ball Python
    3. California Kingsnake
    4. Milk Snake
    5. Eastern Screech-Owl
    6. Merlin
    7. American Crow
    8. Domestic Duck
    9. Ruwenzori Long-Haired Fruit Bat
    10. Forest Aviary: Hermit Thrush, Baltimore Oriole, Song Sparrow, Cedar Waxwing, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Northern Cardinal
    11. Prairie Aviary: Ornate Box Turtle, Blanding's Turtle, Mourning Dove, Black-Billed Cuckoo (only one in captivity?), Eastern Bluebird, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
    12. Wetland Aviary: Green Heron, Domestic Mallard, American Coot, Redhead, Blue-Winged Teal, Ring-Necked Duck, Franklin's Gull, Killdeer
    13. An darkened aquarium with an "exhibit closed" sign suggesting the aquarium is empty. The presence of feeder guppies makes me think otherwise.
    Raptor Loop
    1. A free-flight aviary that was closed for a while with no animals in it. It is still closed, but animals are now inside and may be seen. Here is a list of what I saw. Free-flight aviary: Snow Goose, Wood Duck, Northern Pintail, Canvasback, American Wigeon, Canada Goose, Ring-Necked Pheasant, Eastern Gray Squirrel
    2. Merlin
    3. American Kestrel
    4. Broad-Winged Hawk
    5. Golden Eagle
    6. Peregrine Falcon
    7. Gyrfalcon
    8. Short-Eared Owl
    9. Bald Eagle
    10. Cooper's Hawk
    11. Swainson's Hawk
    12. Snowy Owl
    13. Northern Saw-Whet Owl
    14. Barred Owl
    15. White-Tailed Kite
    16. Great Horned Owl
    17. Long-Eared Owl
    18. Eastern Screech-Owl
    19. Turkey Vulture
    20. Red-Tailed Hawk
    21. Northern Goshawk
    22. Rough-Legged Hawk
    Nature Center
    1. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
    2. Tarantula (species unknown, suspect Chilean Rose)
    3. Eastern Tiger Salamander, White's Tree Frog
    4. Common Leopard Gecko
    5. Button Quail (temporally off-exhibit on my last visit)
    6. Western Fox Snake
    7. Domestic Guinea Pig
    8. Salmon-Crested Cockatoo
    9. Painted Lady (seasonal)
    Wildlife Habi-Trek
    1. North American River Otter
    2. Bobcat
    3. Red Fox
    4. Cougar
    5. Gray Wolf
    6. Common Raven
    7. American Crow, North American Porcupine (both temporally off-exhibit on my last visit)
    8. Coyote
    9. White-Tailed Deer, Sandhill Crane
    Woodland Building
    1. North American River Otter (same exhibit, underwater viewing)
    2. Painted Turtle, Common Map Turtle, Common Snapping Turtle
    3. Eastern Cottontail, Southern Flying Squirrel
    4. Eastern Screech-Owl
    5. Eastern Chipmunk
    6. White-Footed Mouse
    7. Virginia Opossum
    8. Virginia Opossum (same animal with access to two exhibits)
    9. American Mink (a combination of wild and domestic animals)
    10. Corn Snake, Western Fox Snake
    11. Gray Wolf (just another view of same exhibit)
    Free-range animals (seasonal)
    Tundra Swan
    Trumpeter Swan

    Rehabilitated Animals
    Being a rehabilitation center, Bay Beach keeps many injured wild animals temporally before being released into the wild. These were the species being rehabilitated on my last visit:

    Common Nighthawk (certainly only one currently in captivity, if in a temporary situation)
    Big Brown Bat
    Silver-Haired Bat
    Eastern Red Bat
    Baltimore Oriole
    House Finch
    unidentified snake
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  2. geomorph

    geomorph Well-Known Member Premium Member

    28 May 2009
    Newport Beach, CA, USA
    That’s a more extensive list of exhibits than I would have thought, thank you!
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  3. FBBird

    FBBird Well-Known Member

    15 Oct 2010
    Dorset, UK
    I have idea Teacey aviary has had non-releasable Nighthawks
  4. birdsandbats

    birdsandbats Well-Known Member

    17 Sep 2017
    I hadn't heard that, but it's possible.