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BBC Radio 4 Extra - Sounds Natural

Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife' started by Crowthorne, 15 Jun 2017.

  1. Crowthorne

    Crowthorne Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jan 2014
    BBC Radio 4 Extra - Sounds Natural, Adam Faith

    I recently stumbled across this programme on BBC Radio 4 Extra - Sounds Natural, a series from 1973, where notables of the day would pick their favourite natural sounds. This episode is Adam Faith, who picks sounds recorded at London Zoo, and there is a longer segment near the end recorded at the Brighton Dolphinarium (now the SeaLife Centre). It is very much a programme of its time, but I thought the recordings from the Zoo and Dolphinarium were interesting.

    The programme is available to listen online for another 14 days.

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  2. Tim May

    Tim May Well-Known Member Premium Member

    16 Nov 2008
    London, England
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention; I enjoyed listening to it.

    It was interesting hearing the recordings of lion and jaguar made in the old London Zoo Lion House (which was still standing when this programme was made); the recording of the hoolock gibbon was good too. I was rather surprised that it didn't feature the sea lions barking which I always think of as the most evocative noise from London Zoo of the past...

    As you mention it was "very much a programme of its time" but worth listening to.
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