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BBC YouTube series on Wildlife Photography

Discussion in 'Animal Photography' started by Arizona Docent, 15 May 2021.

  1. Arizona Docent

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    10 Feb 2009
    Arizona, USA
    BBC Wildlife (magazine) has a new YouTube series called BBC Wildlife Photography Masterclass. It is hosted by photographer Mark Carwardine, a name I was not familiar with (but maybe I should have been). The episodes are about fifteen minutes long and well worth it if you are into animal photography.

    As I type this they have released five episodes so far (number five being my favorite, an interview with Bence Mate on his innovative photo hides). I will link episode one here (urban foxes) and you can follow it and find the other episodes if it interests you.
    Episode 1. In The Field: How To Photograph Urban Foxes | Photography Masterclass - YouTube
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