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Auckland Zoo Bears

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Nigel, 26 May 2007.

  1. Nigel

    Nigel Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2004
    Wellington , New Zealand
    It is mentioned in the book " A Tiger By The Tail " of which Jay is lucky enough to have a copy -- it is now out of print !
    Auckland had no end of hassles and problems with keeping bears in a satisfactory condition . Whether it was because of "strange" coloration of the fur of polar bears , ( a blue/green tinge ) continued pacing , the effects of concrete enclosure for polars , diet problems , other vetinary problems , lack of brown/black bear breeding , unfortunate early deaths of baby polars from older bears , the huge costs involved , public misconceptions .........
    Auckalnd Zoo decided that they couldnt bear the bear problems and decided to phase them out . Permanently .
  2. jay

    jay Well-Known Member

    8 Jan 2004
    brisbane, qld, australia
    Another problem with polars at Auckland was something to do with diet, also the despite their best efferts, the bears were never in good condition.