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Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife' started by Coquinguy, 14 Oct 2006.

  1. Coquinguy

    Coquinguy Well-Known Member

    30 Aug 2005
    hey guys
    just wondering who else has lots of zoo books. imnot just talking about guidebooks, (which melbourne should really think about producing) but 'proper books'.
    has anyone read after the ark by nicole mazurs? or a different nature by david hancocks? both books are brilliant, though im unsure if the latter is available here in australia...
    if you guys have some good titles, post them here, i find it hard to find good books on this topic, so im pretty happy to have amassed around 30 so far...
  2. jay

    jay Well-Known Member

    8 Jan 2004
    brisbane, qld, australia
    Hu Glyn
    I have the two books you mentioned.
    Others I have include
    A tiger by the Tail - a history of Auckland Zoo by Derek Wood (thank you Nigel)
    Postcards from the Zoo by Darill Clements ( A history of Taronga by a former staff member)

    Books brought out by zoos

    Yakini and friends (Melbourne Zoo)
    Zoo Album by Richard Morecroft (Taronga)
    Orangutans and their battle for survival by Leif Cocks (Perth)

    I have some others but they are packed away.

  3. ZYBen

    ZYBen Well-Known Member

    11 Jan 2006
    Darling Downs, QLD, Aust
    we have one at adelaide written by ex director Mark Craig a childrens book, i think its called a day at the zoo, lol
  4. patrick

    patrick Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2004
    melbourne, victoria, australia
    gerald durrell. a pissed comedic englishman wandering the jungles of cameroon/plains of patagonia/bushland of australia catching animals and taking them back to his little island paradise in a french mansion in the channel islands. everyones dream. his anthropomorphisation of animals and sometimes patronising attitude to natives can seem out of date, but for his time he was someone who pioneered the attitude of zoos as arks and he was instrumental in saving many an endangered species (and making you laugh in the process). just try not to cringe at the stories of him purchasing animals (like a baby gorilla with a machete mark to the head) of dodgy animal dealers and remeber that it was a long time ago and just enjoy the stories.....
  5. Nigel

    Nigel Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2004
    Wellington , New Zealand
    A tiger by the tail

    for Jay and Paul -- dont ever lose that book !
    It is now no longer in print , and so I will not be able to get any more except through a rare find at a second hand bookshop !

    But as those two members can testify , it is a very readable and interesting book on the first 75 years or so of Auckland Zoo . It covers its highlights and its frustrations , as well as the more unusual incidents that have happened
    It is about the zoo , its staff , and some of its more favourite animals .

    Please note that the zoo has changed almost beyond recognition even since the book was published .