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Brookfield Zoo Brookfield zoo Review

Discussion in 'United States' started by pachyderm pro, 28 Aug 2016.

  1. pachyderm pro

    pachyderm pro Well-Known Member

    23 Aug 2016
    The City of Big Shoulders
    I have been going to the zoo cense I was born, so I decided to give it a review Hope you enjoy. (exuse poor punctuation)

    Hoof Stock Trail- Arguably one of the most boring exhibits in the zoo hoof stock trail fetures a row of fenced in yards in this order
    Bactrien camel
    wild horses

    Austalia-one of the older buildings in zoo Australia is still up to date the 1st thing you will notice is the 3 large yards circling the Australia house witch hold Western kangaroos emus and wallabys. as you enter the building you are greeted with rows of medium sized reptile terrariums that hold snakes skinks and frogs. and at the end is a small finch avairairy. then you enter a nocturnal room you will first see 2 small pens for echidnas with little privacy. next is a medium sized kookabera avaiary then you see a larger wombat exhibit. then you go through a fruit bat free flight aviary.lastly as you exit the building a small yard witch used to house cassowerys now holds cape barren goose.

    pachyderms-the oldest exhibit in the zoo this building has gone down hill. it used to house elephants and nile hippos now it just has 2 pygmy hippos 2 black rhinos and one elderly barids tapir. there are 8 yards but only 5 are occupied. inside their is 5 indoor rhino stalls 6 for the tapir and 2 for the pygmy hippo not to mention a large indoor hippo pool. 2 rhino stalls and 4 tapir stallas can not be seen well by the public do to the half the of the building closing.

    Habitat Africa the savanna - compared to other African exhibits this one is rather weak but still good. the 1st thing you will see is the large grassy giraffe yard. probaly the best exibit in habitat Africa. it provides a nearly 360 degree view. next to the giraffes is a medium sized exhibit for wild dogs with a large rock in the middle across from the dogs are 2 mixed ungulate yards, the bigger grassy one has commen waterbuck and a pair of warthogs. the other that's clearly older than the rest has a generuk and a Kirks dik dik . inbetween the 1st ungulate and the dogs is a medium outdoor klipspringer yard that's filled with grass and trees. inside it resembles a kopji has to 2 small indoor klipspringer exhibits. in a little cave you can see dwarf mongoose tortoises and lizards. as you keep going you notice that this area is actually a small free flight aviary with African birds. 2 glass panels allow views of the wild dogs and giraffes along with a small yard for African spurred tortoise finally as you exit a small giraffe bedroom can be seen.

    Habitat Africa the forest- as you enter a extreamly lush rainforest trail you will see a 2 medium yards one for a okapi and one for a yellow backed duiker. you will then enter a medium sized building in witch you will see a small aquarium for a dwarf crocodile. then you will come across 2 netted in exhibits for blue duikers and elephant shrews. across from that are small terrariums for snakes and frogs. then a medium okapi bedroom will be passed as you re-enter outside where another okapi and yellow duiker yard can be seen then a small red river hog viewing deck is on the loop back to the exit witch finally has a small chain linked yard for red flanked duikers.

    Great bear wilderness- the biggest exhibit in the zoo does not disappoint and has a great start with a huge bison praire including a crossing bridge to another part of the exhibit. then you come to the main plaza witch includes the bison grill and a gift shop. as you continue down the trail a small but tall avaiary for the bald eagle with a large tree in the middle is seen on the way to one of the wolf woods and 2 acre heavely wooded habitat for Mexican grey wolfs. then 2 grassy habitats for the grizzly and polar bears as well as underwater viewing for both. their is one more yard that does not have underwater viewing but cave/den viewing.

    big cats-the 1st habitat is a netted in amur leopard exhibit with climing structures then you walk past 4 grassy grottos with
    Sloth bears
    snow leopards

    Fragile desert- as you enter a colloney of meerkats can be spotted on their desert mound. next to them is a pair of African crested porcipines a exhibit witch leads uphill and under that hill are naked a darmian mole rats you then cross a bridge with mountain desert animals the left side has rock hyrax and to the right a caracal that spends most of its time sleeping. then a small den and medium space for bat eared foxes. then a small nocturnal den for busch babys finally 2 medium glassed in exhibits for black footed cats.

    Clouded leopard rainforest- as you enter the building a large rainforesty exhibit with a waterfall contains a clouded leopard on the other side their are a few small terrairums and a large one that's empty then 2 large netted in exhibits appear the 1st with a bintirong/bearcat the 2nd with a rare fishing cat. if you look up you will see tunnels that the previstos squiras go through there main exhibit is at the end of the building along with some snakes and fish.

    Pinneped point- similer to hoof stock trail its rather boring. it represents a coastal shoreline that houses the zoos seals and sea lions nothing else really.

    Seaven seas-This his the home for the zoos bottlenose dolphins with underwater viewing and of coarse the dolphin show is still one of my

    Wild encounters- the newest exhibit in the zoo while not revolutionary its still one of my favrotes. as you enter a medium petting paddock for goats where you can pet brush and feed them. then 2 small gravel yards for lamas alpacas and reindeer. then a small netted in area for the red panda. then a walk through Australia yard is next witch holds emus and wallabys you can pet. the emus are more open to petting then the wallabys. lastly the zoo has the worlds largest parakeet avirairy witch has over 900 parakeets.

    there are a view exhibits I did not mention. I just talked about the big exhibits. the zoo has a lot of potential some areas need work and some are great over all this zoo is in my top 5.
  2. Andrew_NZP

    Andrew_NZP Well-Known Member

    20 Mar 2016
    Maryland, USA
    Out of curiosity, what is your top 5?
  3. pachyderm pro

    pachyderm pro Well-Known Member

    23 Aug 2016
    The City of Big Shoulders
    no real order but

    Henry doorly zoo
    san diego zoo
    Brookfield zoo
    Columbus zoo
    dallas zoo