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Captive species showing stereotypical behaviour research

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by greenhamrolls, 24 Aug 2014.

  1. greenhamrolls

    greenhamrolls New Member

    25 Feb 2014
    Hi everyone, I hope this is okay to post – if not please let me know and I will remove it

    I have a huge passion for animal training, behaviour and welfare and I would like to do a research project for my dissertation linked to these areas. I haven’t found a huge amount on whether PRT has an impact on the frequency of stereotypical behaviour although I have found a couple of articles that suggest that PRT can reduce the frequency of stereotypic behaviour. I want to look into this area more as I want to focus on how welfare may be able to be improved in zoos and how PRT may be able to do this in regard to stereotypical behaviour. I need about 6+ of the same species displaying some sort of stereotypical behaviour, they don’t all need to be displaying the same behaviour, and the idea is to record the time spent displaying stereotypical behaviour, do some target training and perhaps some medical/husbandry training (needs to be decided once I know the species available) and then after a certain period of time (undecided, perhaps 4 weeks?) I will go back and record the behaviour again to see whether there is any significant difference (obviously accounting for variables within this). Does anyone know of any Zoos that have some animals that may benefit from this research (ideally in England/UK) if not there may be potential to gather research abroad?

    Also, please feel free to ask any questions - please be aware that I am in the very early stages of planning this study at the moment as I need to know what species I am able to work with (if any).