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Chameleon Color Change Predicts Winner Before Fight Begins

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by findi, 22 Jan 2014.

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    17 Mar 2011
    Hi, Frank Indiviglio here. I’m a herpetologist, zoologist and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquarium, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx Zoo.
    My grandfather cautioned me never to bet on a boxing match, as they were even less predictable than horse races. But where chameleon fights are concerned, it seems that picking a winner is a simple matter. A recent study revealed that color intensity and the speed with which a male can elicit color changes accurately predicted the winner of an aggressive encounter. Furthermore, different areas of the body are used to covey specific types of information. Chameleons know this, of course…which is why most contests end without physical contact between competing males. Read the rest of this article here Chameleon Color Changes Predict Fight Winner | That Reptile Blog
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