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Chester Zoo Chester Zoo’s Ape Campaign Events

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by SMR, 4 Apr 2011.

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    22 Oct 2009
    A quick heads-up regarding Chester's upcoming events supporting the EAZA Ape Campaign. Do what you can to support a good cause!

    Monday 18th to Friday 22nd April: Ape Week | Chester Zoo UK
    There's a "meet-the-keeper" event every morning, touch tables and all sorts of activities. The last orang touch table was fascinating, with replica sculls and hair samples.

    Saturday 7th May: Saving Apes: Frontline Conservation | Chester Zoo UK
    That's a whole-day event, from 9am to 7pm and you get to meet the zoo's primate keepers, primate experts David J. Chivers and William C. McGrew, together with TV presenter and vet Steve Leonard (I've always liked his programmes). The attached PDF provides more details, as does the link.

    Sunday 15th May: BUPA Great Manchester Run | Chester Zoo UK
    And finally, a reminder to support the group of (frankly, bonkers) zoo staff who are taking part in the Great Manchester Run dressed in ape costumes. Apparently the costumes only arrive a couple of days before the race, so nobody has had the chance to train in them. Should be fun!

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