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Cleland Masterplan 2017

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Sunbear12, 15 Jul 2018.

  1. Sunbear12

    Sunbear12 Well-Known Member

    14 Feb 2012
    Late last year Cleland Wildlife Park released a masterplan which from what I can see is yet to be posted to zoochat. The masterplan proposes to transform the entire park with no current enclosure remaining in its current form.

    I had suspected that when the government of South Australia changed in March this plan would be abandoned but I have since seen a news article suggesting its development was continuing and the International Koala Center of Excellence which is part of the plan was listed as assisting with the export of koalas to Longleat that was announced today. As such I though I would post some information on the plan here.

    Plans include a koala centre of excellence which would be housed within a large building near the current waterfowl lake alongside a 130 room hotel and a restaurant. The entrance would be transformed with a shopping village, winery cellar doors and a farmers market. Inside the park would be a zipline and a 'flying simulator'. Access to the park would be provided via a cable car from the Adelaide CBD. The entire plan includes only 10-15 animal enclosure's. Only 1 appears to be a new species (platypus) but none of the enclosure's remain in their current location.

    I have included a pair of news articles from the launch last November below with further information on the plan.

    Both articles include a range of renderings and the blooloop article includes the entire plan.

    In Daily: Grand vision for Cleland Wildlife Park - InDaily

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    25 Jan 2006
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    Thanks for sharing.

    BTW: Lan Kwai Fong Group evolved out of the Ocean Park Hong Kong.
    OP has a dedicated south Australian koala breeding group!