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United Kingdom Cockington Zoological Gardens , Cockington Village , Devon .

Discussion in 'Zoo History' started by zoowhosewho, 23 Jan 2020.

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    22 Mar 2019

    Cockington Zoological Gardens , Cockington Village , Devon ..... This is a Zoo that as far as I can see only ever got to the planning stage .... In June 1939 the Cockington Trust Ltd requested permission to Place a Zoological Garden at Lanscombe House , Cockington ... This was to be on between 3 to 4 Acres of Land and was to consist of An Aquarium , a Reptile House , An insect House , Aviaries , Penguin Bathing Pool and a Small Monkey House ... Details of the Plans were held at Torquay Town Hall ...
    Possibly the outbreak of World War 2 prevented this Zoological Gardens from ever opening

    Lanscombe House is now an Hotel .... Cockington Village is still a beautifully conserved Village and well worth a visit just to see the old charm still there
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