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Discussion in 'South Korea' started by Kim Minwoo, 8 May 2023.

  1. Kim Minwoo

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    4 Apr 2023
    South Korea
    Entrance: This is a place where you can buy your tickets and look at some fish in the tanks. There are more fish inside here but couldn't recognize all of them.
    Humpback grouper, Bluestreak cleanser wrasse, Foxface rabbitfish, Bignose unicornfish, etc.
    Rainbow lounge
    Ocellaris clownfish, Blue tang, Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Yellow tang, Longhorn cowfish, Black-blotched porcupinefish, Yellow boxfish, Orbicular batfish, Semicircled angelfish, Foxface rabbitfish, Orange-spotted sleeper-goby, Redcoat, Doublebar rabbitfish, Raccoon butterflyfish, Saddle butterflyfish, Copperband butterflyfish, Yellow longnose butterflyfish, Threadfin butterflyfish, Emperor angelfish, Emperor red snapper, Blackspotted puffer
    우리터 우리 물고기 (Our home, our fish): Home for species native or have invaded into Korean freshwater ecosystem and also some small amphibians and mammals
    Crucian carp, Chinese pond loach, Channeled applesnail, Korean spine loach (Iksookimia koreensis), Korean slender gudgeon (Squalidus gracilis majimae), Spotted barbel gudgeon, Stone moroko, Korean flat bitterling (Acheilognathus rhombeus), Gaksi-bungeo (Rhodeus uyekii), Mirror carp, Predatory carp, Amur carp, Chinese sturgeon, Rainbow trout, Japanese eel, Siberian chipmunk, Cranwell's horned frog, Australian green tree frog, American bullfrog, Korean splendid dace (Coreoleuciscus splendidus), Kumkang fat minnow (Phoxinus kumgangensis), Amur minnow, Tachanovsky's gudgeon, Dark chub, Striped shinner, Korean oily shinner (Sarcocheilichthys nigripinnis morii), Pale chub, Northern snakehead, Barbel steed, Amur catfish, Imienpo Station frog, Dark-spotted frog, Japanese tree frog, Oriental fire-bellied toad, Korean brown frog, Korean stream brown frog, White nose loach, Eightbarbel loach, Chinese bleak, Chinese longsnout catfish, Long-nosed barbel, Korean aucha perch, Korean spotted sleeper, Channel catfish, Korean bullhead, Black bullhead, Leopard mandarin fish
    Imagination of Fish World (상상 물고기 나라): Exhibit where animals are kept in tanks that look like our daily uses such as the fridge, bed, telephone booth, etc.
    Koi, Golden mbuna, Jewel tetra, Blood parrot cichlid, Glass catfish, Congo tetra, Zebrafish, Black tetra, Princess cichlid, Williams's mbuna, Yellow prince cichlid, Pinandi, Clown loach, Tiger barb, Cranwell's horned frog, Three spot gourami, Bubble eye goldfish, Bronze corydoras, Banggai cardinalfish, Doctor fish (Garra sp), Black-tailed prairie-dog, Australian green tree frog
    Amazonia World: Home for large freshwater animals
    Alligator snapping turtle, Giant pangasius, Pirarucu, Congo tetra, Flag cichlid, Red-bellied piranha, Asian arowana, Xingu River ray, Eastern long-necked turtle, Giant river prawn, Rainbown shark, Black ghost knifefish, Freshwater angelfish, Mexican blinded tetra, Cardinal tetra, Red phantom tetra, Harlequin rasbora, Humphead cichlid, Red spot severum, Common pleco, Electric eel, Redtail catfish, Tambaqui, Giant gourami, Iridescent shark, Pig-nosed turtle, Oscar, Alligator gar, Silver arowana, Clown featherback, Tiger shovelnose, Asian small-clawed otter, North American beaver, Siamese crocodile/Saltwater crocodile hybrid
    Marine Touch Lab: A real laboratory room for the aquarium that is transparent and exhibits some polyps of jellyfish and some small animals
    African spurred tortoise, Moon jellyfish, Big-belly seahorse, Lined seahorse, Tomato clownfish, Pink skunk clownfish, Clark's clownfish, Blue-spotted jawfish, Reef lobster, Yellow damselfish
    Mangrove and Seashore: Home to animals that inhabit the coastal regions
    Green sea turtle, Common bluestripe snapper, Pennant coralfish, Lagoon triggerfish, Redbelly yellowtail fusilier, Redtoothed triggerfish, Red stingray, Pitted stingray, Shovelnose guitarfish, Whitetip reef shark, Blacktip reef shark, Emperor red snapper, Yellowfin surgeonfish, Snubnose pompano, Golden trevally, Brown bamboo shark, Chinamanfish
    Coral Gallery: Zone for fish that live along coral reefs and shallow water
    Tomato clownfish, Yellow tang, Emperor angelfish, Green chromis, Orange-band surgeonfish, Four stripe damselfish, Goldtail demoiselle, Bird wrasse, Purple tang, French angelfish, Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Splendid garden eel, Spotted garden eel, Razorfish, Longnose hawkfish, Stripey, Jaruba terapon, Olive flounder, Asian sheepshead wrasse, Spottedtail morwong, Largescale blackfish, Mottled spinefoot, Pennant coralfish, Raccoon butterflyfish, Blotcheye soldierfish, Powder blue tang, Bluespine unicornfish, Bluering angelfish, Bulbnose unicornfish, Blue tang, Lined butterflyfish, Sailfin snapper, Humphead wrasse, Saddle butterflyfish, Humpback grouper, Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish, Pyramid butterflyfish, Clown triggerfish, Sohal surgeonfish, Blotched foxface, Foxface rabbitfish, Orbicular batfish, Golden trevally, Spotted moray eel, etc.
    Ocean Kingdom (바다 왕국): The main tank that holds up to more than 100 sharks which is the most in South Korea.
    Tawny nurse shark, Pitted stingray, Golden trevally, Blacktip reefshark, Whitetip reefshark, Sandbar shark, Bowmouth guitarfish, Sand tiger shark, Banded houndshark, Zebra shark
    Beautiful underwater village (아름다운 해양마을): Home to two main underwater mammals.
    African manatee, Giant gourami, Mozambique tilapia, Redhook myleus, Harbor seal
    Deep Blue Square (딥블루 광장): Partially to Ocean Kingdom, this place exhibits usually mid-sized rays.
    Pitted stingray, Honeycomb stingray, Cownose ray, Common bluestripe snapper, Snubnose pompano, Spotted eagle ray, Tawny nurse shark, Nurse shark
    Deep water garden (심해의 화원): Home for jellyfish and deep water residents
    Hairy jellyfish, Moon jellyfish, Amakusa jellyfish, Jelly blubber, Chum salmon, Red king crab, Atlantic wolffish, Big-scaled redfin, Ohkotsk atka mackerel, Giant Pacific octopus, Axolotl
    Penguins' dreamland (펭귄들의 꿈동산): Home for the penquins in the aquarium
    Humboldt's penguin
    The links on some of the name of exhibits are links to my own page where I upload photos of the animals. Feel free to look at them~~!!