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COVID-19 Antibacterial/Antivirucide Alternative

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by AmbikaFan, 12 Mar 2020.

  1. AmbikaFan

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    30 Sep 2015
    Dunellen, NJ, USA
    As you probably know, hand sanitizers are primarily antibacterial, and can only kill viruses and spores if the alcohol used is 95% strength or higher. Even the blue Chlorhexadine solution you see your vet use to disinfect the exam table between clients does not kill viruses.

    I just realized I could be sharing a product that I've been using for 25 years since one of my dogs had a toxic reaction to bleach. This product is called Odo-Ban because it neutralizes odors like urine or cigarette smoke, but its unique value lies in killing bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses, even the AIDS Virus. I have used it to sterilize dog yards, baby clothes in the laundry, things in the dishwasher, everything.

    For many years, I kept a membership to buy-in-bulk store Sam's Club just to buy this product, which is purchased in gallon-sized bottles of concentrate, which you reconstitute with water to dilute to the strength you need. For viruses, it is 5 ounces to one gallon of water, which you can then put in any size spray bottle, an Ortho hose sprayer, or a soap dispenser. For full effect on viruses, it should be kept on for 60 seconds, so continue washing your hands with soap and this solution for 60 seconds, spray and let it sit on hard surfaces like doorknobs 60 seconds before wiping, etc.

    Fortunately, about five years ago, Home Depot started carrying this, so there is a much more readily-available way to obtain it. It costs $9.99 per gallon of concentrate and the original eucalyptus is very pleasant. There are now several scent varieties, but the original is by far the best. Here are some pics of the product info and the spray bottles I use, including a tiny one that I take out with me.

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