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creating a replica of BUGS exhibit in Oman

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by yousuf89, 6 Jan 2015.

  1. yousuf89

    yousuf89 Active Member

    6 Oct 2014
    Ok, I'm thinking of creating an indoor insect zoo in Oman(where I live) by using the same idea of the BUGS exhibit from London Zoo

    however there will some changes

    - not a lot of lighting will be used and will be only used in lobby and in certain exhibit (especially the aquatic tank) and use the sunlight as a source (After all, I live in a country that have sun every day)
    - no filter for the aquarium and use only biological filter
    - using a natural air ventilation (having 2 AC and each are on the ending of the building) and also inlcudes a ventilation chamber (definitely to remove all of the heat)
    - will have only one floor (all the one on the upper floor will be moved to the ground floor and no basement floor)
    - mounted insects (some will be the same kept in the BUGS exhibit)

    - animals that have long life (from 2 to 25 years) and the animals with short lives must be easily bred or have eggs that can survive in extreme environments or will be used as foods (crikets or grasshoppers for example)
    - animals that are not in the CITE list
    - local small ANIMALS definitly (although they have short life, they're easy to obtain)

    - maybe around 70 species (below are example given)
    2 rodents

    1 lizard
    1 mantella
    1 axolotl

    5 FISH
    2 freshwater fish
    3 saltwater fish

    10 INSECTS
    3 cockroach
    2 grasshopper
    1 true bugs
    3 beetle
    1 leafcutter ant

    4 tarantula
    2 spider
    2 scorpion
    1 other arachnids
    1 land snail
    1 freshwater snail
    2 marine snail
    3 millipede
    5 crustacean
    6 coral
    1 sea anemone
    2 sea star

    I'll give the species list later
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