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Dallas World Aquarium Review

Discussion in 'United States' started by team tapir, 16 Oct 2010.

  1. team tapir

    team tapir Well-Known Member

    29 Jun 2010
    cleveland oh usa
    We were both pleasantly surprised with this establishment.The collection of rare and exotic species here is incredible,while there were a couple of animals we missed out on seeing such as the Red Howler and the Yapok there were plenty that we were excited to see such as the Giant Otters,Orinoco Crocodiles and West Indian Manatee.Bonnie being a bird girl was like a kid in a candy store with large amount of birds including two Blue Throated Macaws which she has become friends with.The fact that we came in the fall was a major bonus being that the place was not crowded at all and we could enjoy it at our leisure.

    The Aquarium adventure starts in the Orinoco Rainforest which is an awesome multi level enviroment containing many small primates,birds and reptiles.As you wind through the Rainforest you encounter the Giant Otter exhibit which is bigger than it appears.The Otters were very active and my favorite animal at the aquarium.Throughout the day we made our way through different levels of the Rainforest each time encountering a few animals we had'nt before.In fact much of the aquarium is like this.The bottom level contains a river filled with fish such as Red tailed Catfish,Pacu,Arapima,Arrau Turtle and Manatee.There is also an exhibit for the most endangered crocodile in the world the Orinoco Crocodile.

    Going into the next area of the aquarium there are several traditional tanks with some very interesting fish,a shark tunnel which is a a bit on the small side and also houses Loggerhead turtles and Sawfish.The upper the level contains Flamingos,Jaguars,Ocelots and a huge variety of birds.You really have to spend some time in here to find some of them.As for the Jaguar exhibit we feel the enclosure is better of only housing the Ocelot.

    Overall this unique establishment is well worth visiting.We also wanted to add that we found the touch screens to be great containing detailed info on many of the different animals throughout the building.There is also talk of new exhibits in the building across the street which is currently used for off exhibit holding and breeding purposes.

    Team Tapir
  2. siamang27

    siamang27 Well-Known Member

    7 Mar 2009
    Texas, United States
    Glad you liked the DWA!
    Hardly anyone ever sees the Yapok at all, so you aren't the only one who didn't get a chance to see it.
    I think the howler monkeys are off exhibit but I'm not sure.
  3. geomorph

    geomorph Well-Known Member Premium Member

    28 May 2009
    Newport Beach, CA, USA
    I feel guilty, the yapok was very active when I visited in March 2009, swimming around its pool and running into its burrow and out again. At the time I had no idea how rarely displayed they are and deleted the few poor blurry pictures of it that I took!
  4. jbnbsn99

    jbnbsn99 Well-Known Member

    3 Feb 2009
    I go all the time and have only seen a yapok 3 times. All three with the assistance of a keeper.