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Design a small local indoor zoo/museum: CHALLENGE!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by Dreamer, 10 Jul 2015.

  1. Dreamer

    Dreamer Member

    10 Jul 2015
    Hi all I am new here. I really like designing zoos for fun. I want to make some different challenges where you need to design a zoo in unique situations. Here is the situation:

    "You have recently taken over a very small museum building. It is a single floor and in good shape overall but needs some updating. There are 10 rooms. You can do whatever you want with the first 9 rooms, but the tenth room will be the gift shop.

    You need to have at least 3 animals of some kind. They should realistically be able to fit in the space. You can have as many more animals as you want, but you need to be able to fit them AND care for them yourself. If you get too many animals for a single person to take care of... you lose!

    We would also like some exhibits pertaining to our unique, local ecology. (What species are important to YOUR local environment? Pick one.) This species will be the main focus of the museum. You will name the museum like this. STATE/COUNTRY/AREA SPECIES MUSEUM. So for instance... Texas Turkey Museum, New England Lobster Museum, Everglades Alligator Museum. Boring? Well maybe but people will know what you're about!(* You don't have to use the environment where you actually live but I think it would be cool!)

    So we need at least 3 manageable animal exhibits as well as some informational ones. We are not going to give you much funding for this so you've got to do most of the work cheaply! Use your imagination! We've hired an artist to paint a mural in one of the rooms, so tell her what you want her to paint.

    Oh and lastly... Unfortunately, the museum, closed and run-down as it is, has another problem. It is not handicap-accessible. We will be doing renovations to fix this and allow wheelchair-users here, but we expect you to recoup our costs. You can do this several ways...

    1. Charge admission. This gets you garanteed money, but if you price admission too high many people won't come. Will you charge for children or let them in free?

    2. Merchandise. This is the big one. You will be selling whatever you can fit in that tenth room giftshop! You'd better come up with some good ideas! If we don't make a profit you're fired!

    There are a few other things to consider: how will you advertize your museum? You get bonus points if you choose an unusual species (fish, insect, etc.) but on the other hand... such species can be hard to market. You should be able to keep your focus species indoors as one of the 3 or more species on display.

    So, what do you plan to do? Make sure your exhibits contain interesting facts that not many people know about your focus species. How will you cut costs and bring in profits while making an enjoyable little micro-zoo/museum?

    Describe each room in detail, from first to last.

    I hope you like this little challenge and find it thought-provoking. Usually people design huge zoos with really expensive animals like elephants, lions and such. I thought a small zoo with small animals and less "Exotic" species would be a challenge to design. I will post my own design as soon as I finish it! I thought we could all critique each others ideas (in a helpful way of course!)