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ZOO Antwerpen Diplofolio - a diploma work around the zoo

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by brongracz, 7 Feb 2011.

  1. brongracz

    brongracz Active Member

    23 Nov 2010
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Hello everybody once again,

    Some time ago I decided to share my progress in my master project publicly. I focus around the zoo in Antwerp. It is about architecture. The general topic is about same as what Robbrecht & Daem are doing.

    So my way of sharing is publishing a little anonymous blog. It is supposed to be a record of my process, and I also hope to get some extra motivation from feedback (not a lot of that yet). And that is why I thought that the great community of ZooChat is the group of people which could be interested.

    I post pieces about why I am doing, how I am doing and what I am doing. Not everything is related to zoo's directly. Some of it is my unbosomings about irrelevant things like AutoCAD. Still some of it, is material from my research around the Zoo, visits to R-O Antwerp, Felixarchief etc., which you could find interesting.

    The general purpose is to find a "cool way towards an awesome diploma". ;)

    Enjoy reading! And my big excuses for this shameless act of auto-promotion.