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Disneynature: Earth

Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife' started by Pau, 1 Apr 2010.

  1. Pau

    Pau New Member

    16 Mar 2010
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I saw that nobody wrote about this movie, so what about discussing this documentary made by Disney?


    First, I enclose the plot summary, from the official web site:
    Personally, I love this movie and I won´t get tired of it even if I watch it everyday of my life.

    I think that people can get involved in the story of the animals families on the film and worriy about their problems. Plus we see lots of animals from all the world and how they figth to survive each day in our unpredictable planet. We see happy moments such as the first fligth of little ducks (it´s a fall, actually) but there some other sad moments like deaths (don´t forget that death is a common resource in Disney movies) at the movie that, I suffered a lot, like the baby elephant who got lost during the sandstorm and the polar bear´s dad, but at the ending the image of the 4 babies, 2 polar bears, one elephant, and one humpback whale. it´s a clear message for hope. And I believe that you must give people hope to encorauge them to change and change their attitude to the enviroment.

    This is my review and my oppinion, what do you think about the movie?
  2. Baldur

    Baldur Well-Known Member

    6 Feb 2008
    Strange that you don't see as much about this film as about the March of the Penguins but maybe because the Penguin film got an Oscar.

    I went to see it, I was lucky I guess because it was only shown for four days here in Iceland, as part of some annual film festival. Cinema owners in Iceland are generally are not happy about showing anything else than Hollywood Blockbusters they can cash in on.

    I like this film, very memorable how the whole cinema laughed at the Bird of Paradise's hillarious mating rituals for instance. Of course it is propaganda for wildlife conservation, but while the word propaganda usually has a negative meaning, I think at least users of Zoochat can and will agree that here it has a positive meaning.