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Does Anyone Do the NYT Crossword Puzzle?

Discussion in 'Zoo Cafe' started by AmbikaFan, 9 Mar 2020.

  1. AmbikaFan

    AmbikaFan Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2015
    Dunellen, NJ, USA
    I'm a serious puzzler who does them every day on my phone. I usually get the "yellow-star" lightup for correct puzzles 5-6 days a week, always Sundays. The Friday has understandably been the hardest since time immemorial, but I'm becoming irritated more and more by the Thursday puzzle, which seems to have become Rebus Day! I'm fine with Rebus puzzles, but these don't play fair! The words/letters only work for the clues in one direction, like today's Sunday puzzle too. Any square should have to answer clues going in both directions, so I'm more than a bit annoyed that this is deemed fair play by Will Shortz!

    Ok, I'll stop grousing now.;)