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Dolphin sanctuary challenge

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by TheMightyOrca, 15 Nov 2014.

  1. TheMightyOrca

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    28 Jan 2014
    League City, Texas
    So a lot of people around have been talking about a dolphin sanctuary opening up someday. Since such a place doesn't yet exist, I've been wondering what I'd do if I were to run one. (I'm trying to incorporate it into a big fantasy aquarium right now, but I'm having a hard time deciding some stuff, so I won't post that one for a while) And that leads to me wondering what other ZooChatters would do. So I'm gonna make a scenario, adding a few things to give extra rules, but otherwise, there's a good amount of freedom.

    Wild World is a medium-sized theme park with a BAD reputation. It's had issues with sanitation, ride safety, and animal care. The park has been purchased by a large company and they want to improve the reputation, and they're starting with moving the animals out to places that can better care for them. The dolphin exhibit has been under particularly strong scrutiny, and there's no sanctuary to send them to, so the company has decided on a great PR move of building one, with the help of aquariums and marine mammal rescue organizations. You have 7 bottlenose dolphins and 2 spotted dolphins. None can be released into the wild. Don't get too flashy or expensive, but spare no expense when it comes to animal care.

    1. Due to the costs of the project, the company wants the new sanctuary to gain at least some of its own revenue. So the facility must be open to the public at least 4 days a week. They'd also like it if you can add other ways of making money, such as gift shops or restaurants.

    2. You can choose whether you want this to be strictly a dolphin sanctuary, or a general animal sanctuary, or if you want it to be a more traditional zoo operation. As long as the dolphin area operates as a sanctuary, (no breeding, no sending them to other places, etc.) you can do what you want with the rest. Whatever you do, you must still add extra stuff to try and bring in more people and revenue.

    3. The dolphin sanctuary is going to be in a sea pen at a location of your choosing, however, many of the dolphins are sickly and weak from living in a dirty, small, shallow pool. You may have to create a rehabilitation tank or pool to hold them until they're healthy and fit enough for a sea pen. You can choose whether or not it is viewable by the public, and what to do with it later on.

    4. Wild World was home to many other animals that were also used in shows, encounters, and photo ops. If you choose to make this dolphin sanctuary a larger operation, you can take in the animals you want. Any animals you don't take will simply be sent to other zoos or sanctuaries. You can also see about trading the animals to other facilities in exchange for different ones. Other animals include: 1 female Asian elephant, 4 mixed tigers (2 orange, 2 white), 3 African lions, 2 white-headed capuchins, 1 brown bear, 5 American alligators, 1 green iguana, 3 California sea lions, and 1 Burmese python. There is also a bird collection containing 3 scarlet macaws, 4 red and gold macaws, 2 military macaws, 21 rainbow lorikeets, 6 sun conures, 5 green-cheeked conures, 1 great horned owl and 1 red-tailed hawk.

    5. Because the dolphin sanctuary is very much a PR move, the company wants the facility to do other things that will make it look good. Some possible ideas are marine mammal rescue, and sea turtle breeding and release.

    6. Traditional animal shows aren't permitted, though educational demonstrations are allowed. (though with the dolphins, such demonstrations can only be done once a day)

    7. If the sanctuary goes well (with revenue and PR) the company will give more money for expansion and improved facilities. There is also talk that if the project succeeds, more dolphins of tropical species could be brought over from rescues and other facilities. Design with these things in mind.