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Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa Dolphins at Lisbon Zoo SODA

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Andrea Nyman, 5 Mar 2021.

  1. Andrea Nyman

    Andrea Nyman New Member

    5 Mar 2021
    Homer Glen, IL
    Does anyone have information on Dolphins at the Lisbon Zoo? I am searching for a dolphin named Soda. She was there many years ago and had some children as well. I have searched the MMIR(Marine Mammal Inventory Report) and she is reported as being alive but her whereabouts are a bit more convoluted. Her data appears to have been compromised(which can happen since the data has been migrated from several databases). She was reported as transferred to a facility that no longer exists but is owned by group that had her located in Lisbon at one time. If I can get any confirmation that she is there I would be elated. I have emailed the zoo and even the listed owner which is the Kolmarden Group in Sweden. I have not heard back yet and in my research I found my way here. This is pretty cool as a side note. I am afraid time is running out. She would be about my age now and in dolphin years she doesn't have many left so I want to make the trek to see her as soon as possible. If all else fails I would love to see one of her children but I have no way of tracking that information down unless I can find someone from the zoo to help me piece it all together. Thanks so much!
  2. Merintia

    Merintia Well-Known Member

    4 Aug 2014
    I´d suggest to contact with the people from Ceta Base. The site is down now but you can contact with them through Facebook.
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