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Douc Langurs in America

Discussion in 'United States' started by EmperorTamarin, 20 Feb 2014.

  1. EmperorTamarin

    EmperorTamarin Well-Known Member

    20 Dec 2012
    The Netherlands
    Hi, I am EmperorTamarin, also known as Nils.

    Lately I have been obsessed with rare primate species and last week I came along Philadelphia´s Red-shanked Douc langurs. After a bit of research here and in the gallery I noticed that some said mom Isabeau and son Qui Tu reside at the philly zoo, while others said that female Toi arrived from San Diego in 2009 and Isabeau died shortly after that, and now Toi and Qui Tu reside at the philly zoo. I looked on their website and they state that only Toi resides there. Contacted ISIS and they said that too, only 1 female resides there. Can anyone clear this up? And I heard something about San Diego having 1.1 behind the scenes, is it a breeding pair/where did it came from? :)
  2. DavidBrown

    DavidBrown Well-Known Member 15+ year member

    12 Aug 2008
    California, USA
    I don't know what the status of the douc langurs is at the San Diego Zoo now, but in the fairly recent past they had a whole troop of them in one of San Diego's only indoor exhibits. They have not been on exhibit for a few years now so if San Diego does have any they would be behind the scenes as you mention.