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Dream Round The World Zoo Trip

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Norwegian moose, 28 Mar 2015.

  1. Norwegian moose

    Norwegian moose Well-Known Member

    13 Feb 2013
    Sorry, I cross posted.
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  2. Norwegian moose

    Norwegian moose Well-Known Member

    13 Feb 2013
    This is my Dream Round The World Zoo Trip (DRTWZT) idea. So far this is only a dream, and not something that I know I am going to realize. The biggest obstruction as you know is money. However it is perfectly legal to dream big and plan the projects you dream about. And perhaps I even would be able to realize it. My idea is to travel around the world, visiting Europe, Asia, Oceania and North-America and see zoos and aquariums on my way. I would mostly try to limit myself to see the best zoos and aquariums in the countries I visit, (with a few exceptions). Since trying to see as many zoos as possible would take far to much time, and cost far to much money for me. I want to use Couchsurfing services as much as possible, to limit costs.

    Here is the description of how I would like to travel: First is the Scandinevian zoo-leg. In the beginning I would buy a car in Norway, and drive through Norway and Sweden. From Sweden I would take a ferry to Finland, and back to Sweden again. Then I would drive to Denmark. Now I would have visited the best zoos in Scandinavia. Then I would drive through Germany visiting many major cities, and the best zoos there. The same procedure would be made for The Netherlands, Belgium and France. When I have visited the best zoos in these countries I would make use of the channel tunnel and carry me and my car to The United Kingdom. When I have seen the best zoos in the UK, I would sell the car or give it to anybody. I would fly a short trip over to Ireland, (and Northern Ireland). Then I would fly to The Iberian peninsula. Here I would rent or buy my second car, and visit the best zoos in mainland Spain and Portugal. Then I would fly to Tenerife, visiting some zoos in Tenerife and Grand Canaria. After that I would fly to Rome, Italy buying my third car. Then I would drive through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary visiting the best zoos there. I would then drive through Slovakia visiting no zoos. Then I would drive around Czech Republic and Poland, and The Baltics; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia visiting the best zoos in those countries. I would sell my car in Estonia, after that I would fly to Moscow, Russia. After visiting The Moscow Zoo I would fly to Dubai, UAE. I would spend a week or two in UAE before flying to Dehli, India. All of the less developed Asian countries are rather less gifted with high quality zoos than the West European countries, so zoos would only be a secondary focus here. My focus in India and Thailand would be wildlife spotting and cultural attractions. I would spend one month in India, before flying to Bangkok, Thailand. I would spend another month in Thailand, before flying to Singapore. Singapore though is well stocked with animal attractions, so I would use most of my time there, and in the neigbouring Malaysia for that purpose. I would fly from Singapore to Sydney, Australia. In Australia I would rent my fourth car and visit all the best zoos in that country. Then I would fly to New Zealand and be there for some weeks, visiting some zoos there. Then I would take a flight to another country and continent, Los Angeles, United States. I would be renting the fifth car I use, and visit major zoos in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. After I have done that I would fly to Houston, Texas, visiting a few zoos in that state. I would rent yet another car in Texas. However the Texan zoos I visit are few compared to the huge amount of zoos that exist in that state. Then I would fly to Chicago, Illinois. And using a car as transportation I would visit zoos in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minesota, Ohio, Nebraska and parts of Canada. I would also visit the state of Iowa on my path. I would then fly to Miami, Florida. And I would visit several zoos in Florida and Georgia, using a car:). Then I would fly to New York City, and visit zoos in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. This time using collective transport:D. Then I would fly over the pond to Oslo, and to my beloved home country, Norway.

    So what do you think about my trip idea? Do you have any advice regarding the idea. And are there any major zoos on my path which I have left out, that I would benefit from visiting?

    List of zoos I want to visit on my round the world trip:

    Kristiansand Dyrepark

    Kolmårdens djurpark/Tropicarium
    Skansen/Skansen akvariet
    Borås djurpark
    Parken Zoo
    Nordens ark
    Skånes djurpark

    Helsinki Korkesaari Zoo

    Copenhagen Zoo
    Den blå planet
    Odense Zoo
    Ree Park Ebeltoft Safari
    Givskud Zoo
    Aalborg Zoo
    Randers regnskov
    Nordsøen Oceanarium
    Krokodille Zoo
    Skandinavisk Dyrepark

    Berlin Zoo
    Berlin Tierpark
    Leipzig Zoo
    Cologne Zoo
    Hannover Zoo
    Tierpark Hagenbeck
    Nuremberg Zoo
    Dortmund Zoo
    Wuppertal Zoo
    Frankfurt Zoo
    Tierpark Hellabrunn (Munchen)
    Wilhelmina Zoo
    Duisburg Zoo
    Heidelberg Zoo
    Dresden Zoo
    Walsrode Weltvogelpark
    Magdeburg Zoo
    Zoom Erlebniswelt

    Artis Royal Zoo
    Rotterdam Zoo
    Burgers Zoo
    Apenheul primate park
    Emmen Zoo
    Vogelpark Avifauna
    Dolfinarium Harderwijk
    GaiaZoo Kerkrade
    Safaripark Beekse Bergen
    DierenPark Ammersfort

    Antwerp Zoo
    Pairi Daiza
    Planckendael Zoo

    Jardin des Plantes
    Zoo de Vincennes, Paris
    Beauval Zoo
    Zoo Doue La Fontaine
    Zoo Amenville
    Zoo de La Palmyre
    Zoo Planete Sauvage
    Mulhouse Zoo
    Parc Des Felins
    Marineland Antibes
    Oceanopolis Brest

    United Kingdom:
    ZSL London Zoo
    SEA LIFE London Aquarium
    ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
    Chester Zoo
    Durrell (Jersey Zoo)
    Bristol Zoo
    Colchester Zoo
    Howletts Zoo
    Port Lympne Wild Animal Park
    Newquay Zoo
    Marwell Zoo
    Dudley Zoo
    Paignton Zoo
    South Lakes Wild Animal Park
    Cotswold Wildlife Park
    Rare Species Conservation Centre
    Belfast Zoo

    Dublin Zoo

    Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
    Barcelona Zoo
    Barcelona Aquarium
    Valencia Bioparc
    Valencia Aquarium
    Fuengirola Zoo
    Terra Natura
    Jerez de la Frontera Zoo
    Loro Parque
    Jungle Park
    Palmitos Park
    Crocodrilo Park Zoo

    Lisboa Zoo
    Lisboa Oceanarium

    Bioparco di Roma
    Aquarium of Genoa

    Zurich Zoo
    Zoo Basel

    Tiergarten Schønbrunn
    Haus des Meeres
    Zoo Salzburg
    Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

    Budapest Zoo

    Czech Republic:
    Zoo Praha
    Zoo Plzen
    Zoo Ostrava
    Zoo Zlin
    Jihlava Zoo
    Dvur Kralove Zoo
    Zoo Olomouc
    Zoopark Chomutov
    Zoo Liberec
    Zoo Usti nad Labem
    Zoo Brno
    Zoo Děčín

    Warsaw Zoo
    Zoo Wroclaw
    Zoo Gdansk
    Krakow Zoo
    Poznan Zoo
    Lodz Zoo
    Ogrod Zologiczny Opole
    Slaski Ogrod Zologiczny (Katowice Zoo Park)

    Kaunas Zoo

    Riga Zoo

    Tallinn Zoo

    Moscow Zoo

    United Arab Emirates:
    Dubai Aquarium
    Al Ain Zoo

    Delhi National Zoological Park

    Dusit Zoo and Siam Ocean World
    Chiang Mai Zoo
    Chiang Mai Night Safari

    Singapore Zoo
    Jurong Birdpark
    River Safari
    Singapore Night Safari
    Marine Life Park
    Underwaterworld Singapore

    Melaka Zoo
    Zoo Negara
    Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
    Penang Bird Park
    Taiping Zoo

    Taronga Zoo
    Taronga Western Plains Zoo
    Sydney Wildlife Aquarium
    Australian Reptile Park
    Melbourne Zoo
    Melbourne Aquarium
    Weribee Open Range Zoo
    Healesville Sanctuary
    Halls Gap Zoo
    National Zoo and Aquarium
    Australia Zoo
    Cairns Tropical Zoo
    Sea World, Gold Coast
    Alma Park Zoo
    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
    Adelaide Zoo
    Monarto Zoo
    Perth Zoo

    New Zealand:
    Auckland Zoo
    Wellington Zoo
    Hamilton Zoo
    Otorohanga Kiwi House

    United States:
    Los Angeles Zoo
    San Diego Zoo
    San Diego Safari Park
    San Diego Sea World
    Monterrey Bay Aquarium
    San Francisco Zoo
    The California Academy of Sciences
    Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
    Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
    Phoenix Zoo
    Wildlife World Zoo
    Oregon Zoo
    Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport
    Woodland Park Zoo
    Seattle Aquarium
    Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
    Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
    Houston Zoo
    Dallas Zoo
    Dallas World Aquarium
    San Antonio Zoo
    Forth Worth Zoo
    Brookfield Zoo
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    Shedd Aquarium
    Indianapolis Zoo
    Detroit Zoo
    Minnesota Zoo
    St. Louis Zoo
    Cincinnati Zoo
    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
    Colombus Zoo
    Toledo Zoo
    Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo
    Zoo Miami
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    Sea World Orlando
    Brevard Zoo
    Jacksonville Zoo
    Lowry Park Zoo
    Busch Gardens
    Florida Aquarium
    Central Florida Zoo
    St.Augustine Crocodile Farm
    Georgia Aquarium
    Zoo Atlanta
    Bronx Zoo
    Central Park Zoo
    Brooklyn Aquarium
    Buffalo Zoo
    Prospect Park Zoo
    Queens Zoo
    Rosamond Gifford Zoo
    Seneca Park Zoo
    Philadelphia Zoo
    Pittsburg Zoo and PPG Aquarium
    Smithsonians National Zoo

    Toronto Zoo
    Montreal Biodome
    Calgary Zoo
    Vancouver Aquarium

    226 zoos and aquariums, if I counted correctly
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  3. Arizona Docent

    Arizona Docent Moderator Staff Member

    10 Feb 2009
    Arizona, USA
    Well in the USA leg you are flying over Arizona and not stopping, so that makes your whole world plan useless! :p :p ;)

    Actually the San Diego Zoo offers a round the world trip, but it is nothing on the scale of yours. It is all done on a private chartered plane. They go to some game reserve in Africa and to pandas in China and maybe zoos in Australia and perhaps somewhere else. I do not remember the details but I remember the cost: $69,000 per person for a two and a half week trip. Ouch!
  4. Norwegian moose

    Norwegian moose Well-Known Member

    13 Feb 2013
    Well, I have added some zoos in Arizona to my plan now. Good that you come up with suggetions of places to visit. And even without its zoos, that state should be one of the most spectacular in the country (Grand Canyon etc) am I right? And that fact is made even clearer by the fact that it is home to one of the greatest cat enthuasiasts who have ever lived:D, am I right?
  5. AverageWalrus

    AverageWalrus Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2014
    How long do you think this would take? Im thinking about a year
  6. Norwegian moose

    Norwegian moose Well-Known Member

    13 Feb 2013
    Yes, I think about one year too, with six months in Europe, and six months for the rest of the world.
  7. Arizona Docent

    Arizona Docent Moderator Staff Member

    10 Feb 2009
    Arizona, USA
    Now your plan is finally making sense! :D