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Dreamworld Dreamworld: Animal List

Discussion in 'Australia' started by OskarGC, 21 Mar 2020.

  1. OskarGC

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    21 Mar 2020
    Gold Coast
    Yesterday I visited Dreamworld and made an animal list in the Tiger Island and Dreamworld Corroboree sections of the park. There were also numerous wild animals like Eastern Water-Dragons, Saw-Shelled Turtles and Feral Pigeon.

    Tiger Island, was pretty good with a large seating in front of an enormous habitat with numerous normal Bengal Tigers in it. Within the inclosure there was grass, trees, climbing poles, jumping stands and a pool. One of the younger tigers was on the seating area as they did a tiger talk and there was also a cub kindy and a smaller glass enclosure to the side with a very friendly male tiger who would spray the glass with his pee there was also a hole with bars on either side and he would come up to the hole and chuff when you whistled through it. There was also supposedly White Tigers but they were not on display while I visited.

    Dreamworld Corroboree, is about Australian wildlife and aboriginal Australians as you enter from Tiger Island it is a small boardwalk through the rainforest section which has multiple Southern Cassowary and one lonely Eastern Grey-Kangaroo which I assumed was being quarantined. When you exit boardwalk there is a dusty area with multiple free-ranging Eastern Grey-Kangaroos and off to the side is a billabong and rest area were captive Brolga and Plumed Whistling-Ducks hang out and to the back there is a enclosure with Koalas. To the right of the Koala enclosure there is an aviary that has a nocturnal house that loops back to the entrance. Within the aviary are:
    Brush Bronzewing
    Wonga Pigeon
    Bar-Shouldered Dove
    Black-Winged Stilt
    Buff-Banded Rail
    Emerald Dove
    Gouldian Finch
    Glossy Ibis
    Pied Heron
    Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo
    Also within the aviary are 2 closed off enclosures each housing either Lumholtz’s Tree-Kangaroo or Tasmanian Devil, up a ramp and through a door into the nocturnal house are Barn Owl, Coastal Carpet-Python, Cane Toad and an enclosure housing both Tawny Frogmouth and Squirrel Glider after looping through to the exit you come to a gate through this gate is some ponds one housing Freshwater Crocodiles, Murray River-Turtles and Northern Snapping-Turtles the other housing Brisbane River-Turtles and then further up are 2 Saltwater Crocodiles further up if you keep going you should come to enclosures with Dingos, Red Kangaroos, Emus, a nocturnal house with 2 Greater Bilbies and then further up the path outside there is a sheltered area with Black-Headed Python and Stimson’s Python

    It’s a good small collection which I enjoy visiting.
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