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Drive-Thru Safari idea.

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by ZooKeeper31902, 17 Feb 2019.

  1. ZooKeeper31902

    ZooKeeper31902 Member

    15 Feb 2019
    United States of America
    The visitors would board these Land Rover Defender Safari Game Viewing trucks. The trucks take them into a large enclosed area with various animal from around the world. The animals in particular are:
    • White Tailed Deer
    • American Bison
    • Llama
    • Greater Rhea
    • Emu
    • Plains Zebra
    • Common Ostrich
    • Lowland Bongo
    • Banteng
    • Sambar Deer
    • Fallow Deer
    • Appaloosa Horse
    • Friesian Horse
    • Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig
    The visitors are given Carrots or Feed Grain to feed the animals. The the driver of the truck will point out all the animals and give facts about them. I believe all these animals should get along with each other, if they won't, let me know. Also, do any of you know how many acres this enclosed area would need to be to keep all of the animals happy? When I finally build this place, I will probably shorten the list.
  2. OstrichMania

    OstrichMania Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2018
    United Kingdom
    You should probably have more food options as the ratities could steal lots of food. I will leave it up to more educated members to discuss other topics.