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Elephants of Cuba

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by ShowMeElephants, 22 May 2012.

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    19 Dec 2010
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    A new article at ShowMe Elephants searches for the whereabouts of four African elephants sold to Cuba in the mid-1970s from the Chipperfield circus family of England via the Dutch importer Frans van der Brink.

    No facilities in Cuba are listed at to exhibit elephants in the last ninety years. This is incorrect, as the Zoológico Nacional de Cuba exhibits a herd of African elephants in a drive-through setting, though no specific details are available.

    If anyone has further information regarding the animals or locations in question, please leave a comment or message me in an effort to complete their records for elephant historians.

    "Twycross Zoo - Linda" at ShowMe Elephants, 05/21/2012