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Kaliningrad Zoo Elephants of the Kaliningrad Zoo

Discussion in 'Russia' started by ShowMeElephants, 17 Jun 2011.

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    19 Dec 2010
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    A new article at ShowMe Elephants regarding a partial elephant history of Circus Chipperfield, including elephants later relocated to the Soviet Union and possibly the Kaliningrad Zoo. If anyone has further information regarding the locations and animals questioned in the report, please leave a comment or message me in an effort to complete their records for elephant historians.

    >> "Jim Stockley Collection - Chipperfields 1956" at ShowMe Elephants
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  2. Elephas Maximus

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    4 Sep 2012
    Russia, Ekaterinburg
    Kalilingrad has the WORST elephant house in Europe.

    And there the elephants managed to breed somehow... when the female of old breeding pair died, their remaining female calf was sired by her own father, with loss of 5 calves of 6.
    The surviving calf, female Masha, ended up like this, tended by 'humane' Durov's Animal Theater to this condition, and ultimately sold to Yerevan zoo for 'breeding', after freezing outside in crate for weeks because circus didn't need her anymore.
    She died at the age of 13 years.
    And we Russians still claim to love the elephants, because they keep smiling even if abused.
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