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Enclosure design.

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by loftustheraven, 1 Dec 2014.

  1. loftustheraven

    loftustheraven Member

    30 Nov 2014
    cullompton devon
    I am currently designing a north american striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) zoo enclosure that could be used in a functional zoo for one of my University projects.

    I have to include the following points about the enclosure including ventilation, light, structure and fittings, temperature (indoor area) how stress could be minimised within the enclosure, suitability to the species, and fittings such as ventilation, light ect.. and enrichment Ideas.

    I couldn't find a vast amount of natural enclosure information for captive striped skunks (excluding pets) so I'm trying to replicate a temperate forest outdoor area with a slightly heated indoor viewing area. The outdoor area would include a shallow root system enrichment idea with a hollow stump that could be used for possible nesting. Native north american ferns and plants, a small moat to replicate a shallow river and acrylic glass viewing window for the guests of the zoo to look in, however I'm still unsure what a comfortable indoor temp would be for the skunks and what would be the best enrichment, providing live food/scatter-feeding and most suitable substrate for the indoor area such as sawdust, orchid bark, ect..

    I was also unsure if any extra fittings would need to be provided such as a sand bath, heat lamp ect.. If anyone has any extra information/has had previous experience working with these animals that would be very helpful, thankyou! :)