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Endangered Bird Zoo Species List

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by ShonenJake13, 30 Oct 2016.

  1. ShonenJake13

    ShonenJake13 Well-Known Member

    18 Mar 2014
    Currently in the process of designing a bird zoo specifically aiming at keeping endangered species of bird ranging from vulnerable to extinct in the wild; tell me what you think of the inventory and whether I should add/remove anything :) remember it should be feasible so birds I could actually keep in a zoo (so eg not kakapo)!

    Red-necked ostrich
    Golden-necked cassowary
    Southern cassowary
    Northern brown kiwi
    Humboldt penguin
    African penguin
    Macaroni penguin
    Northern rockhopper penguin
    Western rockhopper penguin
    Dalmatian pelican
    Bank cormorant
    Socotra cormorant
    Madagascar pond heron
    Asian woolly-necked stork
    Lesser adjutant
    Milky stork
    Oriental white stork
    Storm's stork
    Black-faced spoonbill
    Madagascar sacred ibis
    Northern bald ibis
    Southern bald ibis
    Andean flamingo
    West Indian whistling duck
    Hawaiian goose
    Lesser white-fronted goose
    Red-breasted goose
    Swan goose
    Blue-winged goose
    White-winged duck
    Hawaiian duck
    Laysan duck
    Madagascar teal
    Marbled teal
    Meller's duck
    Philippine duck
    Baer's pochard
    Common pochard
    Chinese merganser
    European white-winged scoter
    Long-tailed duck
    White-headed duck
    Secretary bird
    Pallas' sea eagle
    Steller's sea eagle
    Eastern imperial eagle
    Greater spotted eagle
    Martial eagle
    Spanish imperial eagle
    Steppe eagle
    Crowned solitary eagle
    African white-backed vulture
    Cape griffon vulture
    Egyptian vulture
    Hooded vulture
    Lappet-faced vulture
    Oriental white-backed vulture
    Red-headed vulture
    Rüppell's griffon vulture
    White-headed vulture
    Saker falcon
    Bare-faced curassow
    Black curassow
    Black-fronted piping-guan
    Blue-billed curassow
    Great curassow
    Horned guan
    Northern helmeted curassow
    Red-billed curassow
    Southern helmeted curassow
    Wattled curassow
    White-crested guan
    Greater prairie chicken
    Congo peafowl
    Green peafowl
    Malayan peacock-pheasant
    Mountain peacock-pheasant
    Palawan peacock-pheasant
    Cabot's tragopan
    Cheer pheasant
    Edwards' pheasant
    Reeves' pheasant
    Vietnamese pheasant
    Great bustard
    Macqueen's bustard
    Black-crowned crane
    Black-necked crane
    Blue crane
    Grey-crowned crane
    Hooded crane
    Red-crowned crane
    Sarus crane
    Siberian crane
    Wattled crane
    White-naped crane
    Spoon-billed sandpiper
    Red-legged kittiwake
    Atlantic puffin
    European turtle dove
    Peruvian pigeon
    Pink pigeon
    Socorro dove
    Mindanao bleeding-heart dove
    Western crowned pigeon
    White-naped pheasant pigeon
    Marche's fruit dove
    Spotted imperial pigeon
    Blue-eyed cockatoo
    Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo
    Long-billed black cockatoo
    Moluccan cockatoo
    Philippine cockatoo
    Short-billed black cockatoo
    White cockatoo
    Pesquet's parrot
    Black-winged lory
    Chattering lory
    Purple-naped lory
    Rosenberg's lorikeet
    African grey parrot
    Black-cheeked lovebird
    Echo parakeet
    Crimson shining parrot
    Golden-shouldered parrot
    Horned parakeet
    Ouvea parakeet
    Swift parrot
    White-bellied caique
    Black-billed amazon
    Diademed amazon
    Ecuadorian amazon
    Hispaniolan amazon
    Lilac-crowned amazon
    Red-browed amazon
    Red-crowned amazon
    Red-spectacled amazon
    Red-tailed amazon
    St Lucia amazon
    St Vincent amazon
    Tucumán amazon
    Vinaceous amazon
    Yellow-billed amazon
    Yellow-headed amazon
    Yellow-naped amazon
    Yellow-shouldered amazon
    Blue-headed macaw
    Blue-throated macaw
    Buffon's macaw
    Hyacinth macaw
    Lear's macaw
    Military macaw
    Red-fronted macaw
    Spix's macaw
    Blue-throated conure
    Crimson-bellied conure
    Golden conure
    Grey-breasted conure
    Grey-cheeked parakeet
    Hispaniolan parakeet
    Maroon-fronted parrot
    Pearly parakeet
    Sun conure
    Thick-billed parrot
    Blakiston's fish owl
    Knobbed hornbill
    Luzon rufous hornbill
    Mindanao rufous hornbill
    Palawan hornbill
    Southern ground hornbill
    Sulawesi tarictic hornbill
    Visayan tarictic hornbill
    Channel-billed toucan
    Red-billed toucan
    Long-wattled umbrellabird
    Blue-crowned laughingthrush
    Grey-faced liocichla
    Red-fronted laughingthrush
    Sumatran laughingthrush
    Javan green magpie
    Bali mynah
    White-breasted starling
    Java sparrow
    Red siskin
    Yellow-faced siskin
    Yellow cardinal
    Montserrat oriole
  2. animal_expert01

    animal_expert01 Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2015
    QLD Australia
    Why can't you keep Kakapo?
  3. ShonenJake13

    ShonenJake13 Well-Known Member

    18 Mar 2014
    Due to the tiny wild population, it would be a bad idea to bring kakapo into captivity.
    For there to be a high chance of breeding, you would need at least four kakapo (if I did want any in captivity I would have two males and three females), a spacious complex with around seven or eight enclosures total (on and offshow) a bountiful supply of rimu fruit to allow them to even breed in the first place, and the backing of a government notoriously against exporting their rare native species.

    Also, this list is mostly based off of what's in captivity in Europe anyway :)
  4. DDcorvus

    DDcorvus Well-Known Member

    18 Aug 2008
    everywhere and nowhere
    The husbandry of kakapo would be a nightmare, their diet and complex breeding cycle makes it one of the least suitable parrots to keep in captivity. For parrot species I would consider the island species of the genus Psittacara (Hispanolian and Cuban conures). Also I would like to see Gouldian finches in such a collection. I would drop the Vietnamese pheasant as it is just a variation of the Edward's pheasant and not a separate taxon. I also miss the Mitchell's lorikeet as it is a taxon present in Europe but most likely it is extinct in the wild.