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Closed Ethical Question About Posting Articles

Discussion in 'ZooChat Community & Website' started by wensleydale, 25 Jul 2014.

  1. wensleydale

    wensleydale Well-Known Member

    17 Apr 2014
    CT, USA
    I have an ethical question about posting articles on news threads. In the event that there are multiple articles which have basically the same information do we have to post every single one? Also, if one article has a little more information but is written in a way that might potentially posters worked up (that is that it might incite bickering, insults, etc.) is that enough reason to exclude it? For example it could be an obviously biased article, or an article with potentially shady or inaccurate information, or one that was obviously only a slight rehash of an activist groups press release? Should we try to find an alternative?

    Yes I know there are a number of sensitive subjects being discussed on threads here and I appreciate that but how far do we need to go to avoid starting a major conflict. That said I am not totally opposed to posting links to that kind of material, I'm just having trouble deciding where it adds to the discussion and where it puts the discussion at risk of being ended by a moderator. How far do we need to go to avoid working each other up (which adds nothing to the discussion).

    Obviously this is up for debate.
  2. jbnbsn99

    jbnbsn99 Well-Known Member

    3 Feb 2009
    Posting articles is fine. Obviously redundant articles should be avoided. Quoting relevant info from said article is also fine. As long as it's healthy discussion there are no inherent problems. The only problems come when the discussion dissolves into personal insults, which are never appropriate on any forum.