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Game of Thrones but with Animals

Discussion in 'Zoo Cafe' started by Scottish Wildcat, 7 May 2019.

  1. Scottish Wildcat

    Scottish Wildcat Well-Known Member

    1 Jun 2017
    I've really gotten into the ASOIAF book series lately because I'm a huge nerd ((after being disappointed with the show)), and of course my favourite thing about it is all the animal symbolism/motifs. So in my head I was imagining the characters in the style of Redwall or Disney's Robin Hood or Narnia and there's a few obvious ones like Lannisters=Lions and Starks=Wolves, but then I was like "Wait...what would everyone ELSE be?"

    And thus this needlessly long and in-depth list was born. Feel free to make additions/suggestions (I'm not past the second book but I don't care about spoilers so)

    Arryns: Peregrine Falcons
    Baratheons: Red Deer
    Boltons: Chimpanzees
    Cleganes: Great Danes
    Dothraki: Wild Horses (or zebras?)
    Florents: Red Foxes
    Freys: Brown Rats
    Giants: Wooly Mammoths
    Greyjoys: Steller Sea Lions (as opposed to anthropomorphic squid-men)
    Lannisters: African Lions
    Martells: Red Spitting Cobras
    Mormonts: American Black Bears
    Reeds: American Alligator
    Starks: Dire Wolves
    Targaryens: Unicorns (Magical, white-haired, I didn't make them dragons because the dragons are still in the story)
    Tarlys: Tamworth Pigs
    Tullys: Eurasian Otters
    Tyrells: Cheviot Sheep
    Umbers: Mountain Gorilla
    Unsullied: Wildebeest

    Alliser Thorne: Wolverine
    Amory Lorch: Red River Hog
    Barristan Selmy: Eurasian Badger
    Beric Dondarrion: Banded Mongoose
    Brienne of Tarth: Indian Rhinoceros
    Bronn: Spotted Hyena
    Craster: Gelada Baboon
    Daario Naharis: Nilgai
    Davos Seaworth: Sea Otter
    Eddison Tollet: Donkey
    Gendry: Heck Cattle Bull
    Gilly: Gelada Baboon
    Harry Strickland: Dwarf Elephant
    High Sparrow: House Sparrow
    Hodor: Asiatic Elephant
    Hot Pie: Cockapoo
    Jaqen H'ghar: Jaguar
    Maester Luwin: Eurasian Eagle-Owl
    Mance Rayder: Mountain Lion
    Melisandre: Secretary Bird
    Missandei: Thomson's Gazelle
    Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger): Mockingbird (or least weasel?)
    Podrick Payne: Aardwolf(?)
    Maester Pycelle: Snowy Owl
    Osha: Caribou(?)
    Qyburn: Lappet-faced Vulture
    Shae: Cheetah
    Thoros of Myr: Warthog
    Tormund: Grizzly Bear (Siberian Tiger?)
    Varys: Spider Monkey
    Ygritte: Coyote