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SEA LIFE London Aquarium Gentoo hatching

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Communityzoo, 12 Jun 2014.

  1. Communityzoo

    Communityzoo Well-Known Member

    27 Nov 2013
    It appears that the first indoor gentoo hatching in the UK took place at the London Aquarium last month, and that the chick is being parent-reared:

    Itty bitty penguin chick debuts at London aquarium | MNN - Mother Nature Network
    SEA LIFE London Aquarium announces the arrival of their first Gentoo Penguin chick! - Merlin Groups

    While I dislike intensely the concept of penguins being kept in completely artificial conditions with no access to natural light, I accept that this limits the species that can be maintained in the UK. There are now groups of gentoos in climate-controlled indoor exhibits at The Deep (9 animals from the US) and Birmingham SLC (12 animals from NZ). It will be interesting to note breeding success and mortality over the coming years but, if the London tank is sufficient for them to breed, I imagine the other collections will achieve similar success.