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Giant Elephants of Nepal Documentaries

Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife' started by Sarus Crane, 8 Jun 2020.

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    23 Apr 2017
    Last I was on YouTube and saw that someone had finally uploaded Beast of Bardia the story of the Giant Elephants of Nepal that premiered on TV in 1996. I had read both Mammoth Hunt by John Blashford-Snell & Rula Lenska as well as Tula Hatti: The Last Great Elephant by Peter Byrne. I never thought it would ever end up on YouTube. Afterwards I also found that JBS has uploaded other documentaries of his travels to Nepal to see Raja Gaj and Kancha which are listed below. If you've never heard of these elephants I'd suggest starting with Beast of Bardia which gives a great overview of the whole story of the giant elephants and then watch the other two documentaries by JBS and the Scientific Exploration Society. Finally, Niall McCann's Season 1 of Biggest & Baddest featured an episode on the elephants where he went looking for Bhim Gaj, possibly one of Tula Hatti's offspring.

    Beast of Bardia (1996)

    Operation Raleigh Return to Nepal (1992)

    Giant Elephant Quest (2012)

    Biggest & Baddest: Mammoth Or Elephant (2014)

    Watch Biggest and Baddest Season 1 Episode 4 Rogue Elephants Online

    Here are some photos from online of these impressive prehistoric looking elephants:

    Raja Gaj

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