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Giant Land Snail Found Again In Florida, But Not For Long

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by Great Argus, 23 Jun 2023.

  1. Great Argus

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    30 Mar 2018
    An African Giant Land Snail was confirmed in Miramar Florida earlier this month and officials are taking no chances. A quarantine has been issued for a large portion of the area as authorities seek to stamp out any population quickly as possible. As the invasive snails have already been eradicated twice in the past, the slimy invader will likely be stopped once again.

    I find it quite interesting that out of all the invasive species targeted in Florida, a snail has managed to be eradicated twice and prompts a full blown response when found. Apparently if it poses a significant enough threat to the economy and human health then things truly get done. Though given you have to pick your battles, taking out one of the most damaging offenders is definitely a good move. The giant land snails are certainly a much bigger problem all around than agamas or swamphens.
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