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Gorge Wildlife Park Gorge Wildlife Park News 2016-2017

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Jabiru96, 23 Feb 2016.

  1. Jabiru96

    Jabiru96 Well-Known Member

    1 Feb 2010
    An exciting new addition to the collection, in the form of three capybara (presumably from Adelaide?)! They are on exhibit with two mara. From Facebook:

  2. Ashanti

    Ashanti Member

    19 Jun 2017
    Some of this information is old, not sure if it warrants a new thread, so posting it here.. Some updates;

    • As previously mentioned in another thread, the black leopard passed away at the old age of 23 (died June 2017). His enclosure will be reconstructed to house serval in the future.
    • Sadly no more Javan green peafowl on display. A pair of Bustard are now on display in its place.
    • Freckled Ducks are now housed in the walk-in spoonbill aviary, with plans to acquire more in the future.
    • 8 cassowaries were bred over 2 years, 1 has gone to Adelaide, 1 to a zoo in NSW, another four to a zoo in Queensland (I think?).
    • A new aviary for the sea eagles is being constructed as their old one was damaged in storms. The new one is much, much larger...
    • Blue and gold macaws and yellow-crowned amazons are back out on display in large mixed aviary (also houses: catbirds, satin bowerbirds, lady amherst pheasants and a pair of ducks I can't recall the species of..)
    • Next to that aviary, eclectus parrots are back on display along with sun conures,more phesants and bleeding-heart pigeons.
    • The hairy-nose wombat enclosure was revamped, it currently houses a brown male and a golden female from Cleland (housed together).
    • There are plans to build a new open-top (with a moat) Spider Monkey enclosure where the Rheas were once housed. This was put on hold due to the sea eagle aviary being destroyed. They have four spider monkeys (a breeding pair and their 2 offspring)
    • They're down to one Rhea, housed alongside the ostrich.
    • Two elderly male otters were sent to Tasmania Zoo, Gorge now has two young Perth-born females.
    • A 15 year old female little penguin had 2 chicks. Along with 4 that arrived from Featherdale this brings the penguin colony up to 10.
    • The white-headed lemurs are still alive (born 1993 and 1994).
    • A pair of channel-bill cuckoo are on display in the walkthrough aviary.
    • A cotton-top tamarin was bred and has moved on to another zoo for breeding (can't recall the name sorry!)
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