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Taronga Zoo gorilla big brother

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Coquinguy, 7 Nov 2005.

  1. Coquinguy

    Coquinguy Well-Known Member

    30 Aug 2005
    what a life two female gorillas from sydney have had so far. as sub-adults, the two girls moved from holland to australia in 1996 for the opening of the gorilla rainforest at taronga. it was the single biggest movement of gorillas outside of africa at the time.
    then, a few years ago, they moved back to europe to join the eep for gorillas in the czech republic's prague zoo. shortly after arrving there, devestating floods swept through the region, destroying zoos in czech and germany. can you remember the hippo that escaped, the seals and the heartbreaking decision to shoot the elephant in the midst of the floodwaters.
    having survived that, kijivu, has found time to become a mum. yey. and now the whole troop is set to star in a live-streaming, national television program. viewers vote for their favourite gorilla, the winner will receive watermelons and all proceeds from the program will be directed to african gorilla conservation.
    my money is on the aussie!!!