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On the Perch Grant for expansion

Discussion in 'Australia' started by MRJ, 12 Jul 2018.

  1. MRJ

    MRJ Well-Known Member

    29 Jan 2008
    On The Perch announce a NSW Regional Tourism Grant to allow a significant expansion which will add 20 species over the next 2 years. From their website:

    “Egg-citing news! On the Perch Bird Park will commence construction over the coming months to transform the bird park. Proudly supported by the NSW government’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW through the 2017-2018 Regional Tourism Fund, seven new exhibits will be constructed. Curator Steve Sass said ‘We are extremely pleased to have our hard work acknowledged through the success of our application’. The bird park opened in 2015 and is due to welcome it’s 30,000th visitor in the coming weeks.

    ‘We plan to have 20 new species upon completion, so visitors to the park can expect some changes over the next 2 years’ said Head Bird Keeper Linda Sass. ‘This funding has allowed the bird park to continue to grow into what has already become a must-do for visitors to the Sapphire Coast, into a unique wildlife experience for Regional NSW’.”
  2. Sunbear12

    Sunbear12 Well-Known Member

    14 Feb 2012
    It was announced on facebook recently that one of the new exhibits will be for Southern cassowary with two moving to On the perch from Gorge Wildlife Park.

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