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United Kingdom Great Fosters Zoo , Egham , Surrey .

Discussion in 'Zoo History' started by zoowhosewho, 4 Feb 2020.

  1. zoowhosewho

    zoowhosewho Well-Known Member

    22 Mar 2019
    This establishment was set up in the grounds of Great Fosters Mansion.... I cannot be sure of the exact date it was set up but there was mention of it as a "Walk Through Sanctuary" in 1971 ... and in 1970 a Vervet Monkey called Tiddles escaped
    By April 1972 the advert attached appeared and states that there are Woolly Monkeys , Malayan Otters and Free flying Macaws
    Very little is written about the Zoo and I have even contacted the current Hotel Owners who know nothing about its past
    February 1987 it was reported that the Owner of the Zoo was attacked and bitten by a Celebes Macaque
    February 1995 a Civet Wild Cat escaped but was found in undergrowth near to its cage
    August 1996 the Proprietor was reported to be Mr Dave Robertson and there was a 7 week old Male Puma called Tye taken on by the Zoo
    Great Fosters Mansion was owned by the Sutcliffe family from 1931 to 2018 when it was purchased by a Hotel group and the same Hotel Group still own it today..

    I lived quite close to the Zoo but never visited it but it was known for its Woolly Monkey Sanctuary it's such a shame nothing seems documented that I can find anyway
    1st Image Advert for the Zoo from 1972 and 2nd image Great Fosters Mansion from 1960
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  2. zooboy

    zooboy Well-Known Member

    13 Jan 2008
    You are correct in saying that very little has been written about this place; it escaped the attention of all the authors (Schomberg, Robins/Radford, Anthony Smith, the AA and Shire Publications) of the zoo books that were produced during the 1970s. The only note I had was that it "opened in 1973" but that is obviously incorrect as your account goes back to 1971; perhaps it was re-branded "Woolly Monkey Sanctuary" in 1973? But I had a recollection of reading "something somewhere" and have just located a brief account in the, long defunct, National Zoological Society of G.B. newsletter, from a visit made in 1972. The prime exhibit was the group of (1 Humboldt's and 6 Brown) Woolly monkeys, kept in similar lines to those at the other (and un-connected) Woolly Monkey Sanctuary at Looe. There were 6 other species of monkey, Red deer, Pumas and "other small carnivores", and birds included owls, flamingos, Scarlet ibis and a White-crested guan. The owner, Dave Robinson, had a habit of taking animals out of their cages to show visitors, including walking a Puma cub around the place on a lead. He had planned to move the collection to the Bristol area partly because of a number of issues including vandalism. However your report, that cover up to 1996, indicates that he stayed there.
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