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H.R. 1998: Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Buggle, 26 Jul 2013.

  1. Buggle

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    22 Jul 2013
    NY, USA
    Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (H.R. 1998) -

    What are some opinions about this bill? Big Cat Rescue, which is certainly an anti-zoo organization, is pulling hard for the restriction of so-called 'backyard tigers'. Please hear me out, I know there are many horrible wildlife owners out there, but this effort stems form a movement that has the full intention to remove animals from any form of captivity. In addition (and it would be great if someone can confirm information about this), I think that there are unaccredited facilities out there that are not the harmful, negligent 'road-side zoo types' that BCR constantly rails against. I also realize that this can impact accredited zoos as some private owners contribute to husbandry education and have the extra space that zoos are lacking.

    Big Cat Rescue is attempting to swindle people with the stories of the few zoos that let people pay to pet baby tigers, but this bill will affect way more than that.

    I do not believe it's fair for the AZA to be the only accrediting body allowed to call the shots with the care of these animals as they have their own philosophies. I'm fully committed to the idea that any person (not just those who are engaged with SSPs) who is a responsible, suitable owner should be allowed to apply for a permit for these animals. Besides, all zoos seem to have animals that are not for conservation purposes. I ask that anyone here who agrees' help in supporting the effort against this bill.

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