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Habeas Corpus for Chimps

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by eduardo_Brazil, 18 Dec 2009.

  1. eduardo_Brazil

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    12 Oct 2008
    South Brazil - Brazil
    Sorry for my english but I would share this information with all of you.

    At monday (14/12/2009) the Great Ape Project in Brazil supported by Attourney Heron Santana and Peter Singer, Tom Regan and Steven M. Wise applied for a Habeaus Corpus for make free a male Chimp called Jimmy, that is 26 years old. He lives alone at Zoologico de Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro, in a cage with only 61 sqm, this appel was made with the endorsment that humans and chimps share 98 % of the DNA sequency.

    In 2005 the same Attourney got a Habeas Corpus for a female chimp named Suiça with 23 yers, that was in Zoologico de Salvador (Bahia) in similar conditions. He was succesfull and got the Habeas Corpus, but Suiça died (??) in same day that the Brazilian Supreme Court decided for give the Habeas Corpus.

    In September 2008 a Sanctuary in Brazil applied for a Habeas Corpus for two baby chimps that where illegaly rescued from a Zoo that was closed in Fortaleza (Ceará), they did not get the Habeas Corpus, but the Brazilian Supreme Court decided to stop the petition and give the ownership of the 2 chimps to the Sanctuary.