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Hamilton Zoo Hamilton Zoo News 2019

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Jambo, 5 Jan 2019.

  1. Jambo

    Jambo Well-Known Member

    30 Jul 2018
    The world’s most liveable city
    Hamilton welcomed five baby animals over the latter course of December. They welcomed,

    -A baby Zebra:Hamilton Zoo

    -Two KuneKune piglets:Hamilton Zoo

    -A baby Cotton top tamiran: Hamilton Zoo

    - A Female baby Bison:Hamilton Zoo

    All exciting news to start 2019!:)
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  2. Zoofan15

    Zoofan15 Well-Known Member

    7 Mar 2015
    New Zealand
    New Siamang Gibbon

    Hamilton Zoo have received a female Siamang gibbon named Kasih from Orana Wildlife Park.

    Kasih was born 14/04/2009 at Orana Wildlife Park to Oscar and Peggy (born 1989 at Auckland Zoo) making her the granddaughter of Hamilton Zoo’s male, Itam (born 1984 at Berlin Zoo):

    Itam (1984) > Peggy (1989) > Kasih (2009)

    So presumably Hamilton Zoo is intending for Kasih to serve as a companion animal to Itam; and then will import an unrelated male to breed with her upon his death.
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